Quit smoking question: does anyone know of a nootropic stack or supplement suitable for lessening the effects of nicotine withdrawal?
I use phenibut three times a week for heavy lifting sessions. I wondered if there was a common substance that I was not aware of, guess it could be done with phenibut and a stack of anxiolytics.
Any NMDA Antagonist will do loads towards preventing cravings and quickening withdrawal. Dxm in therapeutic doses, magnesium citrate or glucinate. Other than that you can use noopept and Lions Mane in combination with excersize to increase bdnf and start rewiring your brain to a nicotine free lifestyle at a much faster rate.
300 mg for citrate. Although with this combo avoid stimulants as nmda antagonists will potentiate glutamate activity which could lead to neurotoxicity. Stick to 30-60mg of dxm at max and don't use for more than 3 days straight without break.
This is just my experience and found it to be extremely helpful in quitting however my experience shouldn't be taken without first consulting a physician.
curcumine(take with piperine/peper and healty fats)/magnesium is also light nmda antagonist, and Im not sure but grean tea extract too but im not sure.
It's not exactly on topic, but Rhodiola can have more sides than some other adaptogens (purely anecdotal).... but I had stable success with mixing GTE, Tianeptine Sodium (waiting for free acid in mail myself!), little bit of Tryptophan and Tyrosine to compensate for motivation gaps see my reddit review. I've suffered from diagnosed "untreatable" Major Depression, but after calling a doctor lazy and finding my own way for 3 years I can say this has worked better than ANY MAOI, SSRI, SNRI, TCA, etc! Good luck
stay hydrated when coming down from nicotine and it helps... I have learned that. but I rarely go without nicotine these days. smoked for 20 years, then tried to quit for the 50th time by vaping... I no longer smoke cigs, but vape and have added in some nasal snuff for a big head nic rish sometimes
I packed in smoking 8 months ago, strangely enough when I was going through a stressful time about to lose my job.
Although only a nicotine replacement thing I found electronic cigs worked for me.
I had no desire whatsoever to pack em in, I just thought that the pure nicotine vapour intake would be a lot less harmful.
I probably used no more than half a dozen e-cigs at the equivalent of 40 cigs each and eventually I just naturally stopped using them.
No will power or alternative substances required.
If you are going for that head rush from nic, get a sample of nasal snuff... it is the best delivery of nic I have ever had!
And I have snuffed during tests and classes before lol
Tastes better than that gum too! Dholakia premium Swiss chocolate is like shoving a brownie in your nose!! It is amazing! lol
With nasal snuff you do not want to sniff too hard though, snuff drainage is the devil!!
Lobelia (aka Pukeweed) has a chemical similar enough to nicotine to fulfill the cravings but without adding to the addiction. Also as the name implies you will get nausea much sooner than with tobacco so you cant use too much. Other than that Licorice is often used to help return to baseline, but if you are already past the initial 3 days its mostly about not falling into the habit again.
I quit for years using deprenyl + aniracetam (just anecdotal dont feel like digging up proof)
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Although I swear nicotine replacement does NOT work for me, there's research that there is an MAO-B inhibitor in tobacco (only active for regular smokers, not single use or occasional smokers) and that is part of the addiction (from increased dopamine levels) + the nicotine. That's why I chose deprenyl, and aniracetam because of its nicotinic receptor action.
sugar free suckers to fill the "need to hold something" craving, and exercise. Do a few angry krav maga classes and beat the tar out of a punching bag. Helps with teh frustration.
if it is just nicotine then what is the problem if it is really needed. If smoking then why not trust the antismoking medicines such as:
1) varenicline (nicotine antagonist)
2) nicotine as patch (should be least addictive)
3) bupropion (NDRI) for nicotine withdrawal
Champix, a quit smoking drug. It is mainly Varenicline, which works by attaching to nicotine receptors. It was pretty easy for me to quit smoking using it.
Although Cytisine is cool, it's still an a7 agonist which reduces cognition long term (responsible for the 10 point iq loss over a lifetime of average smoking) May I recommend Lobeline? It's to Nicotine as Kratom is to Heroin(or other heavy opiates) in a sense that it will compete for binding with Nicotine, thus eliminating or preventing it's effects. It also opens up the lungs which is said to make you cough and dislike smoking tobacco under it's effect. It does not act at a7, is a much more balanced Agonist/Antagonist, has a longer half life and will boost endorphins long term with weak U-opioid blocking effects. At doses 5-10x more Lobelia will make you puke; this builds little tolerance unlike tobacco. Therefore, it makes Lobelia difficult to abuse, lacking reinforcing effects in some studies
Agmatine would definitely help, as well as possibly some dopamine precursors temporarily to help keep motivation up. L-Tyrosine has better effects for some, but NALT is usually cleaner and more efficient overall than even taking L-Dopa/Mucuna, but overall DL-Phenylalanine seems to be the most sustainable amino acid in that category. ALCAR is also pretty good for energy production, and seems to synergize with well the caffeine most people already take.
Tobacco contains POWERFUL MAOI's. They make nicotine much much stronger. Hordenine (MAO-B), Harmaloids (MAO-A pref.), Rhodiola (BOTH), Curcumin (BOTH), Moclobemide (Currently on it, its awesome) are examples of MAOI's that are reversible and provide relief. I used to smoke a lot so I would know! Combining e-cigs + MAOI's is the closest you will get to smoking tobacco without actually killing yourself.
recently had a friend use the Mastermind supplement by Allysian sciences (which we are affiliates for) and one of his clients had great success and has completely quit smoking, and even having one makes her sick now. The ingredient in there that does this is, Agmatine! If you can find it and source it out, it may help.

It also helps decrease withdrawal from alcohol and aids in preventing addiction to other drugs. Here's some info which my buddy ^^ gave to me. Thanks bro for the tip! Hope the Agmatine helps man. Quitting smoking can be super tough, but you can do it! Increase your exercise and water intake as well :)
I quit 5 weeks ago and no relapse. Two things have worked for me. 1. I focus on creating a new addiction to clean air. When I get the rare craving, I take a few deep breaths and focus on the great feeling of healthy air filling my lungs free of stinky smoke. Less importantly, I did use an E-cig one or twice a day for the first couple weeks.
Wellbutrin is very effective for about half of the people who try it, and that makes it much more effective than many other methods like nicotine patches.

Personally, I'm content to suck this electric addiction device. I've not had such good breathing in 10 years and I don't cough any more :-)
Choline should help since nicotine is a cholinergic, but for the time being get them to switch to e-cigs, they are much, much better though I would not call them healthy.
i just stopped lol it's the easiest thing ever. my problem was just finding the right time to quit. my girl brought up the idea so i was like why not just because i didnt want to prove myself wrong after saying something in front of my girl like a fool, but here i am now - maybe ill drag on a cigarette here and there but my body rejects it now. Bud helps replace the urges as well if you smoke ganj but other than that find something to fill the gaps -be more productive etc.
Oatstreaw tea really helps with urges as well as blue lotus- you can vape all of these which is preferable for least downsides- and will never want to smoke a boge again. You dont realize how badly cigarettes affect you until you are capable of denying them long enough and realize how shit your body becomes over a period of time.
peganum harmala can help you substitute maoi inhibition for tobacco's harmala. but thats a tricky thing to do. very possible. but you better do your research first. dmt nexus baby

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