Nootropics for post-concussion symptoms (ADD, OCD, mood)?
High doses of EPA at the proper ratio to DHA.

Also any sort of Nootropics that are Neuroprotective and increase BDNF like Noopept.
Based on your question, ADD is not a symptom: it is a condition which is defined by a set of symptoms and has also been contested as not existing anymore by the same man who invented it's diagnosis.

For a concussion, or post-concussion symptoms you would need to reduce swelling and allow for any repair to take place by getting enough sleep. You might also want to consider detoxing your body generally although it would be wise to consider waiting a week or two.
I agree ADD is merely a symptom. The concussion happened decades ago. Similar condition to the one in the movie "Concussion" (Will Smith) but not as severe, because I didn't experience repeated head trauma.
No ADD is "not" a symptom at all; it is in fact a non existent condition and even previously was a set of symptoms. ADD as a symptom does not mean anything because it encompasses a wide variety of different symptoms, which not everyone with ADD even has. Some people have distractibility more than hyperactivity. Yet ADD was amended to ADHD anyway so th hyperactivity component is present in any form.
Here are some nootropic advice. For bruised brain, take massive amounts of cleanly produced full spectrum omega fatty acids, add additional DHA and cholecalciferol 55k - 75k IU depending on body weight, every other day
Piracetam, fish oil(in some cases doses of up to 20 if not 30 grams a day can be beneficial however use caution given the potential for hemorraghic strokes past 9000mgs),aniracetam nootropics, regular green tea consumption(also influences bleeding, clotting and blood glucose levels so be cautious), magnesium, a good quality complex B vitamin, niacin, turmeric tea, coconut oil & lecithin. SSRIs are also beneficial, specifically fluoxetine however most neuros I've dealt with would try pushing amytryptaline(sp?)or other TCAs as in theory they are supposedly capable of increasing neuronal hippocampal growth. SSRIs definitely do however expect weight gain and potential blood glucose issues. Exercise btw is very beneficial in clearing symptoms up but do not overdo it, lastly look into TMS plus keep your diet clean.

*Addendum* Since a good portion of what I have listed above are blood thinners space them out to avoid potential interactions. After a concussion inflammation occurs as does a metabolic crisis lasting up to 45 days, also reduce any mental stimulation & do one day of total rest as well as sensory stimuli deprivation.
I love centrophenoxine with piracetam nootropics for post-concussion symptoms, awesome combo! You might also add a different choline source like cdp or alpha gpc, but not too much though if you are taking centrophenoxine also. I can't speak at all to adderall but I wouldn't go throwing anything else on top. It very well could be over stimulating with adderall I have no idea about that but centro with piracetam is great I will say that much
There is more research on semax than selank in this area. It's a prescribed usage in Russia. I personally use both. I use selank because I have suffered for some time from a dulling of emotions from heavy opiate and benzodiazepine usage years ago. Now if you have brain trauma and and anxiety disorder selank over semax for sure. Semax alone without mixing with selank will give me anxiety at times.
Cerebrolysin, as long as you are alright injecting yourself with peptides partially derived from pig brains. The synthetic analog is called P21, theoretically it should work just as well, less research on it though.

Semax would probably be beneficial, it is known to synergize with Selank quite well. Getting some Noopept would be the next best thing, the NGF and BDNF increase helps quite a bit, the intranasal route has the greatest efficacy. The classic Piracetam recommendation is valid as a neuroprotective element ( ), if you cap it yourself its cheap enough to be worth a run, but no need to do heavy dosage if the rest of your stack is working well.

High dose Omega 3's (DHA heavy) are essential if you want to rebuild brain tissue, and its anti-inflammatory on its own too. Other nutrition level stuff you could try that will probably help would be N-Acetyl-Cysteine (increased glutatione as cellular protectant), Acetyl-L-Carnitine (lots of benefits for energy ) with R-ALA (although whether its worth it is up for debate, theres interesting research ), and of course Magnesium (Malate would be the next best thing to Threonate if the price is too much, just make sure to get something other than Oxide).

Buy a topshelf krill oil (not in capaules)
Work up to 2g DHA per day. DHA is the main Building block of neurons.
Piracetam, alpha-gpc (because fishoil and alphagpc makes uridine in your body)
Also Start on 3g/day of Yamabushiitaki mushroom 50:50 extract (10:1) - it will increase BDNF and signal neuron growth.

Optional: noopept (for BDNF), phosphatidylserine 300mg (another brain building block)

This stack will also improve add/adhd symptoms, statistically speaking.
I'd take gumaros stack with a few changes.
Drop the mushroom extract and krill oil, noopept nootropic for concussion , it is a better cheaper method of increasing ngf and bdnf which will cause neuron growth.
Definitely take piracetam, I love that shit. Also definitely add phosphatidylserine, it potentiates nootropics from one study at least. Also perhaps replace alpha gpc with centrophenxine which has a greater effect on clearing out amyloid beta plaques in the brain which might develop after serious head injury.
Check out "The Wahls Protocol" if you haven't. I had a serious TBI 7 years ago that I'm still having trouble with. Dr. Wahls works with veterans with TBI on a daily basis. Following Dr. Wahls' diet now. Do cardio exercise at least 30 minutes/day as many days a week as you can to stimulate brain growth hormone. I've played around with the racetams, but they're sort of like adderall-lite, IMHO, and tend to wear off after a couple of hours, though long-term use may be of benefit. Currently taking: Alpha-GPC, centrophenoxine, lion's mane, methylene blue, CBD oil, fasoracetam, noopept, coluracetam, ALCAR, taurine, glutamine, ubiquinol, methyl B-12, Vit. E, Magnesium (will try threonate form soon), Vit. D-3, a few others. Waiting to try some other supplements/make an order, so don't take this list as complete or comprehensive there are may other options at reddit. In terms of recovering from brain injury, at a conference I was at, they recommended a "shotgun" approach of antioxidants and a paleo diet with nutrient-dense vegetables and exercise. I have just started cerebrolysin injections. We'll see how that goes. Best of luck. Be patient with yourself and your recovery. I agree, though--don't rely on pharmaceutical aids to get you better. They won't fix underlying damage caused by the traumas. You need a good diet, exercise, and probably some supplementation + time with this approach.
i'd get her some PRL-8-53 or NSI-189, if shes down try and pin her with SEMAX start at 5-10mg twice a day, usually about 8 hours spread apart like am and pm. titrate up by 5mg every 3-4 days if you want a more pronounced effect. i wouldnt go past 80mg a day, so 40mg am, 40mg pm

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