What would be a good nootropic to reduce symptoms adult ADHD? What about depression, anxiety and PTSD? Please help.
The ADHD part is tricky. everybody is different. I personally use low dose moclobemide (150 mg) and 1.25 mg selegiline every other day for adult ADD. Will add some memantine soon. But there are many approaches. The moclo/sele/memantine approach also addresses the depression and anxiety. Don't forget diet, exercise and meditation!!
After trying many different natural ways of dealing with my ADD, i find that 200 mg of l-theanine, along with 3000 mg of l-tryptophan makes every dayuch easier. Some people get tired from l-tryptophan, but i dont think ADHD will have that problem
I have ADHD, depression & anxiety. I use moclobemide, selegiline, memantine, frankincense & myrrh and l-theanine. This stack did wonders and I know 80+ people taking this combo with great success for the same mental states/disorders
Addy might actually be a viable option given its similarity to Ritalin, then again magnesium could also definitely help you out. Magnesium btw also doubles as an antidepressant and based on some research findings that were recently come across could theoretically aid with anxiety as well as PTSD by reducing fear responses in the amygdala.
amphetamines are literally the best for treating this but less is more, if you're taking alot you should do a 21 day detox and start at the lowest possible dose or you will be unable to function when not on it and that will lead to burning the candle at both ends every time
LSD and Psilocybin mushrooms are one of the best lines of treatment for anxiety, depending upon what type of anxiety it is, and PTSD, especially for PTSD. The Psilocybin mushrooms will help with drepression too if there are disturbances in your brain possibly in the form of PTSD. There are published studies on how LSD and Psilocybin mushroom will help improve anxiety and PTSD so you can definitely look those up over google. As for the adult ADHD, you can research into focus, concentration, and cognitive area of the brain, those will help improve your ADHD case
Load up on magnesium, I use CALM magnesium + calcium lemon flavored drink mix for anxiety, works wonders. As for ADHD, shit's a myth, a label they give kids with parents that are too lazy to actually parent their children. L-Theanine for 'ADHD,' if you're just restless.

Make sure you use hot distilled water for CALM
Best for anxiety....combo fasoracetam plus phenibut....magnesium....alpha gpc also seems to settle nerves/balacance oneself...as well as providng the choline for the production of acetylcholine.....always found B12 and methyl folate to help....ashwanghanda and to help you sleep, raise your seratonin naturally and melatonin gently....I've found 5-HTP really calms and helps me sleep at night.....without overdosing on the Phenibut too....lol...I also do 10mg of selegeline per day.....goes all very well together....nicotine gum doesn't mix well with the Phenibut for some reason......caffeine DOES....but beware of the anxiety that individuals may perceive thew energising effect to be....FASORACETAM....does seem to abate the tolerance and withdrawals from large doses/2 week daily stretches of Phenibut use, so does possibly upregulate the gabba-b receptors....this Phenibut and Fasoacetam TOTALLY ANIHILATES my social and general anxiety disorders and helps immmensley with my creativitry, playfulness and productivity....to me anxiety=procrastination=more anxiety....absolutely NO anxiety= a break in this horrible lifelong cycle of mine.....and for a bit more acetylcholine I now use Sunfiram...but have found Aniracetam to improve my mood in the past......and of course.....exercise as the sun comes up if you're a morning person....yes and the keto diet....about 75% of calories of your diet to be HEALTHY fats....dha....avocados, virgin cold pressed Olive and Coconut oils, chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, free range eggs, edsaiderarse edsaiderarse all help as well.....and stear clear of drama queens/kings, get your finances and life in order....a good and trusted counsellor/ear or confidant always helps to run things past say an hour a week.....you'll be feeling like a God/dess of the Universe in no time.....with a little dedicated effort in ALL these areas

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