Best easily obtainable nootropic stack (that I can buy at the pharmacy, etc) for anxiety / depression?

100 mg of Modalert has brought out depression and anxiety that I thought was neatly handled many years ago.

I have used a ketogenic lifestyle for a period of time.
I have many clients who either are functioning alcoholics or alcoholics in general and are wanting to change their lives.

Ive found being an alcoholic is in a sense a sugar addiction.
To combat the sugar addictions a high fat lifestyle no carb the exception in leafy greens kills the cravings for either sugar or alcohol.
No medication needed.
Just good nutrient dense foods.
High fat - moderate to low protein.
Low to no carb.
But fat I have found personally and with clients kills cravings for addictions.

This is my personal experience and many of the others who have given advice I 100% agree with.
My experience is only one way and not the only way.
When I started kratom for pain over 2 years ago, I completely lost the desire to drink. An unexpected but welcome side effect. I had been drinking to deal with severe depression for years. Not daily or enough to have withdrawal, but way more than was healthy. I don't miss it at all. The depression remained until I started the Moclo/Sele combo, now that's no longer an issue.
I give people oatstraw and blue lotus tea and polygalla tenufolia and they tell me they dont have morning alcohol jitters and dont need to start the day with alochol. the oatstraw is a nirvine tonic that calms and soothes an irritable nervous system, mostly by minerals.
The blue lotus is a dopamine balancer which takes the edge off of the addiciton potential of dopamine stimulants like alcohol.
The polygalla is a superb heart tonic that is very balancing and also helps the brain function, reducing reactions to stress triggers. Helping to not be in an irritable body state goes a long way to recovery.
however you must recognize that ALL Alcohol consumers become severely depleted of magnesium, which will take 3 months or more to fully restore. this severly compromises the liver and the heart.
OH Mag Chloride topical liquid is the best way to go and LOTS.
every interaction of the methylation processes and phosphorylation processes depends on it and wont funciton with out it.
a big metabolic problem of long term alochool consumption (especially over consumption) is methylation breakdown as cause of high HOMOCYSTEINE. you need Betaine HCL to recycle it back up to methionine to power glutihtione and metallothionein to power up cell energy and actually clear cell waste and unhealthy metals from the body. This has a direct big effect on immune power potency and brain function as elevated Homocysteine in the brain is also a serious detriment to cognitive function.
SO you cant get past alcohol with out fixing methylation and homocysteine that was destroyed by the alcohol.
I think Kratom is the way to go mostly. There is a strain from my vendor called "pain and panic" that's good for, you guessed it, pain AND panic attacks. It works pretty well. If you're interested in asking my vendor more about the panic part, just reply and let me know and I'll message you. But if you don't want to go the kratom route, you could try clonazolam or etizolam for anxiety. I'm just not sure it would give you energy, they sedate. The only thing I can really think of that helps these things AND gives energy is kratom and some of what big pharma offers. I dunno. But I wish you luck!
I'm prescribed Wellbutrin, which is the only antidepressant I would ever consider taking.

I also use a combo of nasal Semax and Selank at 300MCG 1-2 times daily each.

Not saying you need antidepressants, just sharing what works for me. I will say Wellbutrin has minimal side effects and doesn't cause weight gain like other antidepressants. It also doesn't make me feel foggy or re-wired like other antidepressants.

I started waking up with incapacitating anxiety a few months ago. I was missing a lot of work and it was affecting all aspects of my life; this combo helped and I'm more productive than ever!
I was using sodium mostly. It was great at first but later I started to feel a little bit more of an opiate effect. I read further about it and saw it had opioid qualities - and horrible withdrawal symptoms.
So I am stopping.
I use phenibut and kratom and kava.
And they all help my anxiety and depression quite well.
I am looking for something like those.
Theanine+5htp is the perfect combo for anxiety and depression. I also hear lithium orotate is good for depression.
There are some things that would be safe to supplement of course but you should try to clarify whats working and whats not to really see the best results. Theanine is one thats usually a good (and safe) addition especially if you are using caffeine regularly. Omega 3's and NAC both could help with underlying issues that contribute to your overthinking problem. Nootropics are really about marginal gains so while we try to consider what has the biggest impact for individual situations most often its best to improve on what you are already doing, like replacing the energy drink habit with Matcha and a quality B complex.
(moclobemide, selegiline & memantine) treats a whole spectrum of psychiatric disorders; ADHD, OCD, GAD, anhedonia & more.

These aren't supplements though, but here are some for your condition; picamilon, magnesium glycinate/threonate, aniracetam, CBD oil, l-theanine, caffeine (experiment with it, start low because it has a tendency to induce anxiety symptoms & you must take it in conjunction with at least some of the others I suggested)
Ashwanganda every day. Takes about a month to start working. I haven't had an anxiety and depression attack since. And I take Ritalin and can have a come down that is wicked. Also na selank has helped me so much. Theanine for instant relief
St. John’s Wart + Ashwagandha is great for Mood enhancement, and L-Theanine and Caffeine is good for concentration and focus!
For anxiety, Mucuna pruriens is good - it has L-Dopa so it will calm you but also improve focus and motivation or 'mental energy' (as distinct from just physical energy).

That will definitely helps for concentration too; you can also boost alertness will a natural stimulant like organic guarana powder, cayenne powder and green tea possibly some other supplements watch nootropics thread on reddit.

Huperzine A can also help with concentration. For depression, those things will all help but you really need to go beyond just 'taking' stuff.

Setting some very small goals that interest you (and speak to your values) and working at them will go a LONG way in abating depression (and certainly the feelings of apathy that can accompany it) – it would be ideal to have at least two to three manageable goals running at one time:
1) a skills goal – learning an instrument, a language or some form of art like creative writing or photography;
2) a physical fitness related goal – doing a certain number of workouts per week
3) a knowledge goal – reading a book on some topic to expand your view of the world a bit (this can then indirectly get your focus away from the unpleasantness)

I realize this is not a nootropic in itself but I know from (both my own and others) experience that is what will help you (or whoever you're asking for) in more than just a bandaid solution way.
Depression, concentration- mementime, seleginine, moclobemide. Let me know if you find something great for anxiety not listed in the comments above! I've tried them all and didn't have much success.
methylphenidate, either L or D isomers depending on various symptomatology, a dual noradrenergic and serotonergic reuptake inhibitor AND possibly a benzodiazepine if the anxiety component was significant enough. You in general want to avoid polypharmacy unless clinically warranted but since she has a multi-axial set of diagnosis' polypharmacy would most likely be utilized if all three clinical and symptomatological gradients were all significant enough to cause social/occupational impairment.
Moclo + Seleg is life. This combo will rock you socks off. Add memantine and/or tianeptine sulfate for added awesomeness. Personally Moclo+Seleg+Tia works better for me than adding memantine but everyone is different.
I know I always suggest Uridine to people, but I do so for good reasons. /uridine is the best nootropic for anxiety and depression. Uridine, in a great bit of folks that I know that take it (in combo w/ CDP Choline in small doses), noticeably improves their depression. I suspect its effect on the dopaminergic system has a great bit to do with this.

I'd start w/ something like:

150-200MG Uridine monophosphate
50-100MG CDP Choline
A complex B vitamin stack.

Now - because you have anxiety issues, you might want to consider taking this stack with 100-400MG of Theanine. CDP + Uridine is stimulatory, and COULD affect your anxiety.

Theanine should curve that well.
Moclobemide + Selegiline + memantine + tianeptine nootropic stack ( I include low dose piracetam but its optional)its my favourite stack.its by far the most effective stack for deep depression/gad/ocd/social phobia/dystemia/adhd without the nasty ssri's side effects.
With this combo i get one side effect: libido increase.. I believe its a good one!.i am using it myself,its a life saver.
I'm def thinking of just starting with Memantine to add to my nootropic stack. Not comfortable going the moclo + seleg route yet. I want to get a feel of what else is out there. As a bipolar sufferer I'm not supposed to use antidepressants so I have to research very deeply on those two before using them. I get my Rhodiola Rosea on Monday so I'll see how that works for me
Nsi189 for depression, may very well cure it in 6 months, n-acetyl selank for anxiety. Sure fire combo. Anxiety and depression will lift within first week plus you will have the plus of cognitive enhancement
Magnesium quiets the mind and helps with sleep. Recommend having magnesium baths before bed as well as supplement with it. You'll be surprised how it can help although sounds like you need lots of other things to help. To get out your head you need to reset you parasympathetic nervous system! So there's a real simple breathing exercise which helps. Breathing in for 4 counts and out for 7 counts. Repeat 3 times. Touch your fingertips together so index to index. Also highly recommend learning how to come/ get into presence. This will give you distance from your racing head/thoughts.
Also take some adaptogens. Sun Horse Energy has an AMAZING one. Failing that try ginseng, ashwaganda and Rodiola. And realise it will take a little while to heal your brain. If you're up for it cut out any shite from your diet like processed foods. A good book is the ultra mind solution by Dr Mark Hyman.
im on remeron and paxil, remeron for sleep, phenibut is good for me for anxiety relief and motivation though you have to be careful with it, magnolia bark works as well as a benzo for me for anxiety. ash, bacopa are suppose to be good for anxiety etc to
My anxiety and depression problem was apparently related to low serotonin from a B6 deficiency - sort of a complex case where bloodwork can show B6 is okay but that B6 wasn't available for use as it was bound to something else and earmarked to be excreted without being made use of. A friend of mine has suffered from depression on and off and he said the only thing that has worked for him long term is a B6 supplement and daily exercise. So, I'd suggest at least to give B6 a try - it can make a world of difference for some people. My doctor has prescribed supplements for me - for B6 he has included both B6 and P5P which I think is an activated form - it apparently works better for some people. Maybe something to look into anyway.
Rhodiola root tea, quality loose leaf white tea (camellia sinensis) such as silver needle, passionflower leaf and valerian root tea (together), bacopa (powder in capsules, every day), diet, exercise, nature, sunlight, having fun with friends, forgetting about your worries and focusing on fun awesome things.

With the teas, drink them in little tiny cups like the traditional Chinese style. With a mug you might feel like you have to drink more and faster, which is not necessarily better.

Also you can try a lower dose of psilocybin mushrooms (less than 1.5g, perhaps 1g) and set your intent on understanding that you don't have to worry or be depressed about things. After taking the mushrooms do not take them again for three months to a year. This can be greatly beneficial but it is not for everybody.

It's gonna be okay, there are many ways to get all your ducks in a row and to feel good and do all the stuff you really wanna do. Definitely try all the stuff I mentioned in my first paragraph (after researching it first).
75mg a day Venlafaxine for depression. I tried all my noots, non-noots and kratom and nothing worked. First day on venlafaxine i knew it was working. Alongside that, armodafinil, tianeptine (sulfate is reallly good, worth getting the sodium as well as it's really cheap), kratom. magnolia bark, taurine (starting at a gram), Ashwaganha, Rhodiola Rosea, and Phenibut and the occasional benzo
I use kratom for pain relief. Sometimes my back hurts a LOT (just muscular pain) and I can't always stop bending and lifting because I have three special needs kids. Dose appropriately, don't take it too many days in a row, and it won't cause any dependence. It keeps me clear headed and able to do the many things I need to do during the day, unlike other painkillers. I use about 1 to 1.5 grams of kali ma daeng when I need it, and it takes my back pain from about 6 or 6 out of 10 to 1 or 0.

GABA doesn't cross the blood brain barrier. Straight GABA supplements are an expensive placebo. If you want something that will actually enter your brain and work, you'll have to get some nootropics like Phenibut, Picamilon, or go the roundabout way by boosting your glutathione levels (increase consumption of sulfur containing veggies or chicken, or take methionine/cysteine - SAMe does that)

I mix up a low-key anti-stress blend for my husband, who has severe anxiety and depression. It's not a cure-all, but taking it consistently helps a lot with toning it down. It ends up being: 650mg taurine, 500mg creatine monohydrate (no need for quick metabolism of creatine for this type of use), 200mg l-theanine nootropic, and 50mg picamilon. It dilates blood vessels, improves brain oxygenation, promotes synthesis of certain neurotransmitters like dopamine & serotonin, and tempers any jitteriness from caffeine if he takes any. I also make sure he takes B vitamins (also needed for some important amino acid synthesis)

You might want to look into how acetylcholine affects you. How is your sleep? If you don't feel rested afterwards and don't seem to dream much, you might want to consider trying a bit of galantamine before bed, and maybe a choline supplement. Galantamine is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, so it increases REM sleep (which is the phase where most memories are permanently encoded, so it's often given to alzheimer's patients). It's a supplement and a pharmaceutical. If you decide to get your choline from, say, soy lecithin, there are also some other compounds in it that supposedly also help with depression/anxiety issues (or reduce cortisol levels from chronic stress), like Omega 3s, phosphatidylserine, and inositol.
Vistaril for anxiety. Works great. Lamictal and Latuda for bipolar disorder, which includes a lot of depression.
L-Theanine, while apparently pretty popular now, has actually been good for anxiety for me because its effect is subtle and not a sedative but it seems to actually work, and I have never experienced any dependence or tolerance with it. I use phenibut for more sedation but not more than twice a week because it's a gaba-b agonist and causes dependence.

Honestly, my anxiety has actually gotten way better after using MDMA twice for introspection with close friends. Not necessarily promoting it but I think there's something to it.
For anxiety and mild depression, I'm currently using the "Mr. Happy Stack", plus Tianeptine Sulfate (40mg) and Memantine (5mg). I am getting wonderful results. Mr. Happy Stack = DHA (fishoil) + Choline source + Uridine Monophosphate. Tianeptine alone works pretty well.
The way I look at it, depression and anxiety isn't part of our evolution. It's coming from an imbalance within life itself. The body is a complex machine, a laboratory if you will. Making all sorts of hormones and chemicals, even regrowing itself. If you feed it the proper nutrients it is resilient enough it will repair itself, despite years of abuse or neglect. There are so many things that cause depression, and so many things that treat it. But instead of going with the zombie meds, or trying a million supplements, why not just eat really good? It FEELS good too. Your body will produce more serotonin and dopamine, and all sorts of fun stuff. Heck, you might even have a higher quality of life when you reach old age. Like maintaining an erection for example, or keeping your sight, not going deaf and blind. ect ect.
I just got off a 6 month SSRI period, and I feel great. I had really really bad anxiety, so bad to the point where I damaged the neurons in my brain. The 6 month time period I was on the SSRI helped my brain recover and also helped me replenish the neurons in my brain back to health and also helped me grow new neurons from exercise during that time. That's what helped me for anxiety. I also realized that my anxiety is all physical symptoms, so I take a medication now to keep everything under control.
Coluracetam, which is the only known HACU enhancer around. Look up the 'coluracetam user feedback' page on; NSI-189 if you could find a way into the longecity group buy or are willing to buy enough to have it custom synthesized, lol. Using sound nutrition to nurture your thyroid, which is implicated in everything from heart disease and hypo/hyperglycemia to psychosis. Carbon dioxide therapy; transcranial low level laser/light/LED therapy (very cheap, under $50 on reddit for something that will last a life time providing semi-permanent to permanent effects). Another good nootropics for anxiety: Etizolam; l-theanine; magnesium L-threonate and/or mag.bicarbonate and/or pico-ionic magnesium. There's a lot more, too.
I actually just wrote about a study which found that the rather non-efficacious non-benzo anxiety med, Buspirone, when combined with melatonin, produces a large amount of neurogenesis in the hippocampus at a lower than typical Buspirone dose (less side effects+less money) and had a statistically significant effect on depression and anxiety-like behaviors during a 6 week trial.
I actually just wrote about a study which found that the rather non-efficacious non-benzo anxiety med, Buspirone, when combined with melatonin, produces a large amount of neurogenesis in the hippocampus at a lower than typical Buspirone dose (less side effects+less money) and had a statistically significant effect on depression and anxiety-like behaviors during a 6 week trial.
Optimizing Nootropics plus SSRI'S does not leave with a large variety of options, well none worth boosting about. Clonidine and Magnesium Taurate may serve you well.....might try it myself actually once I leave my Ex.
I liked 5-HTP for anxiety and depression, although it gave me terrible headaches.
I can only speak from personal experience but aniracetam has really, really helped my anxiety. I still get anxious but it's wayyyyy more manageable.
They almost never "do more damage than good." That's horrible advice. Every criticism of evidence-based medicine - and then some - can be applied to nootropics. If you're afraid of "chemicals," this might not be the place for you.

Try some l-methyltetrahydrofolate, around 7.5-15 mg per day, If you have a certain (somewhat common) MTHFR polymorphism it can greatly assist SSRI medication or even give you remission by itself.
One may be deficient, by way of genetics, in what l-methyltetrahydrofolate can supplement metabolically, but no one is suffering from zoloft deficiency. There aren't many proponents of SSRIs in this group. The overwhelming majority of commenters on other posts concerning that substance are very negative,
TFO of here w/your "Big Pharma" shit... Shit srsly gets old after a while... Anti-depression meds are clinically proven to work, and it's very dangerous to tell depressed people to stop taking their dr-prescribed meds. Celexa worked wonders for me, Zoloft worked wonders for my mom, I've seen Lexapro save people's lives...

Bromantane is an up and coming one that I've fallen in love with. Its anti anxiety and effects gaba receptors while providing a mood boost and stimulation at the same time. Its my daily go to for the in-between phenibut days. So far everyone who has purchased it has come back for more.

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