Which noots gave you hypomania (overly excessive confidence, energy and enthusiasm)?
I have been using méthylphénidate (Ritalin) for a couple of weeks and liked the energy, focus and confidence effects it gave me. Otherwise the half life is very short (max 4 hours), sexdrive is increased, and it mess with heartbeat.
N-acetyl semax amidate. You will find that you will think about procrastinating and find yourself saying, f that I'm doing this. Provides nice clean stimulation and works day after day with no tolerance build up. For days you really need a super boost add a couple hundred mg' s of phenyl piracetam to the mix and away you go. Phenyl builds tolerance quickly but if you reserve for a couple times a week it's great.
noopept , modafinil, Vitamin C and B , and Kratom advanced nootropic stack for boost of confidence.
Some advanced suggestions here. I say take it with a grain of salt, dont get me wrong, the suggestions are good but a bit too much for a beginner. I'll get to the thread when I get home from the gym. Noopept and choline source is perfect, along with vitamins.
I will always say the same thing to this question. Whenever you start with noots, always start with a Piracetam stack.
Piracetam, Alpha GPA, ALCAR, Omega 3s, Multivitamin. Done. Start there. Will do well for your first stack.
I use vitex for social confidence, it's great.
I think modafinil increases confidence and selfperception of competence, even when making mistakes you care less
Modafinil makes me talk more and focus on what I am saying. It also makes me less emotional in general, this includes stressful situations. A combination of these things is what I think gives me confidence. Quite a lot of people have said 50mg is the sweet spot. Personally, I only tried it for a few days but didn't notice anything when I stopped.
I'm on taurine feeling very motivated and confident rn, check it out
Actually I don't know why but as nootropic picamilon boosted my confidence up
Tianeptine S. totally boosted my social confidence.
Testosterone. Or exposure therapy and forming good habits , micro dose mdma or moderate alcohol use, or safer alternatives like phenibut /tianeptine
There are a lot good combos for this. Starting one at the time .. moclobemide (low dose if u are not depressed/higher if u are)+ Selegiline (low dose:nasal)+ tianeptine (low dose again)..
Modafinil, NALT, ALCAR, Noopept, Phenibut, heavy weight lifting/exercise, theanine/caffeine, boron, NAC, DL-Phenylalanine, Sulbutiamine, Ashwagandha, and the above recommendations have helped me. Be sure to do independent research though
Nootropics aren't much more powerful than supplements. For me at least. Noopept and Phenylpiracetam may help a little, get on a diet and exercise plan if you aren't already, and maybe snort some noopept (most common nootropic after caffeine). Noopept and a choline source should be really cheap to buy and may help a bit.
I tried rasagiline last summer. I think it took 3-5 days to really take effect (maybe not if you've been taking selegiline).
I liked it a lot better.
I don't get any "stimulation" from selegiline, but maybe a little irritable sometimes. rasagiline was a lot more smooth from what I remember.
It starts working day 1, but it takes a few days, or even a week or 2 until full mao inhibition.
Mood, motivation, & confidence is really what I notice.
Phenibut works great for me, but some would consider it not a noot.
Theanine and aniracetam nootropics combo will boost your confidence. In this state you will be able to pronounce speech.
Meditation and mindfulness. You'll never need a nootropics if you practice the two.
If it's social anxiety causing a lack of confidence, I'd try theanine.
If it's thinking I'd try a long term noot like noopept.
If it's social awkwardness I'd try phenylpiracetam.
If it's a combination of social anxiety and social awkwardness I'd try Rhodiola or another adoptogen with something like theanine.
Phenibut, but it can't be taken every day or it'll lost it's magic. But trust me when I tell ya it's good for confidence, awareness, cognition, mood, and more when taken in increments
I have social anxiety so I like L-Tyrosine. But you definitely have to play with the dosage and monitor your tolerance. Only for use in high-stress situations, because you don't want a crutch all of the time. Try CBT and psylocybin. Both together will work for long-term. But L-Tyrosine, this is my "emergency-break glass"...lol
The best? Sunifiram. It comes with a long list of contraindications including few human studies and a risk of excitotoxicity. But if you're truly looking for something that will make you articulate as hell on an as needed basis, I've found you can't beat Suni. Because it's so poorly studied, I never use more than 4x a month.

But if you're thinking about something along the lines of a Masters Thesis Defense? Suni would be my go to.
I would have to say the combination of the piracetam and sunifiram is somewhat remarkable, and fairly entertaining. I'm bilingual and often times there seems to be a switch in my brain between the two languages that seems to disappear with the combination. I really haven't tested them out too far. The couple of occasions i've tried them, it's been noticeable. The possibility of doing damage in a sales position, presentation or other situation where that level of acuity is needed, well, it could be a lot of fun!
Well before my last interview I took close to 45mg. I wouldn't do that normally, it was just a fk it lets go for it moment it's a job in healthcare which I have no background in. Hoping this other contract comes thru and I'll be in!!! I've only got about 1.5g left.
For verbal expression, racetams, definitely, with a choline source, and I like to use ALCAR also. For sharpness and determination, I would boost my general energy and alertness with caffeine and / or green/black tea. Make the speech/discussion on a slightly hungry state, before you eat lunch, for example, to be at maximum alertness with almost an ocd edge on achieving exactness and consensus in the discourse engaged. Just remember not to be a d*ck about it, however, lol. It's a team world.
piracetam helps w verbal fluidity
ALCAR is pretty awesome but light. I would recommend Rhodiola root, Kanna (no need for cycles with both). Agmatine is a magic shotgun and works great for general mood improvements, body tonic and tolerance reduction/psychoactive drug synergy (it's a neurotransmitter!)
Selegeline is good shit. If anyone is copping with low dopamine (motivation, confidence) seems a good simple low cost solution. You can do any speech you want on it.
Piracetam seems to improve it for me...with a dash of aniracetam.
My fav combo is Piracetam and Propranolol
Caffeine + ALCAR + Ashwagandha

Most would tell you l - theanine, but give ashwagandha a chance. It brightens my mood, relaxes me, inclines me to joke more. Taking the tension away is a big part of verbal fluency. It has a much longer half life than l-theanine too. The only downside is that ashwagandha make you sleepy (not necessarily fatigued) if you take it several consecutive days. The anti-anxiety effects do not seem prone to tolerance, however.
Aniracetam. Great for speaking and writing.
Piracetam. AMAZING for verbal fluency.
Moclobemide is a healthy and very effective antidepressant but it shines in terms of social anxiety as well. It's a "next level" drug though compared to "normal" nootropics
coluracetam. under the tongue. 5-10mg. It helped me with verbal fluency and anxiety. under the tongue though. eating the capsules wont work as great. its best to get the powder. good luck.
Propanolol suggestion. It's a very safe and inexpensive medication. I used it for years until I was finally able to control my anxiety response to public speaking
Moclobemide works wonder in social situations, the more you talk/the bigger the crowd the more it works. Follows your natural neurotransmitter cycles instead of forcing an effect constantly

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