What is the best nootropic supplement to take for issues with dopamine and libido? something dopamine boosting
Sulbutiamine increases dopamine receptor density!
Ginseng, Damiana, Oats.
l-deprenyl (selegiline) protects dopamine cells it is used in treating parkinson disease.. look it up
selegiline is great as a dopamine increaser plus neuroprotectent
The Russian drug Bromantane apparently increases the enzyme that converts tyrosine into dopamine i believe. Mucuna pruriens contains l-dopa which can by pass the enzyme rate limitation of dopamine production.
L-tyrosine is a Aminoacid that is both a precursor to L-dopa because it can cross blood-brain barrier very easily, which metabolises in Dopamine, and precursor to Noradrenaline/Norepinephrine.

It might have effect on mood, but it's not as profound and clinically wellfound as the elevation of Dopamine and Nor.

A number of studies have found tyrosine, boosting dopamine, to be useful during conditions of stress, cold, fatigue,[15] loss of a loved one such as in death or divorce, prolonged work and sleep deprivation,[16][17] with reductions in stress hormone levels,[18] reductions in stress-induced weight loss seen in animal trials,[15] improvements in cognitive and physical performance[13][19][20] seen in human trials; however, because tyrosine hydroxylase is the rate-limiting enzyme, effects are less significant than those of L-DOPA.

Tyrosine does not seem to have any significant effect on mood, cognitive or physical performance in normal circumstances.[21][22][23] A daily dosage for a clinical test supported in the literature is about 100 mg/kg for an adult, which amounts to about 6.8 grams at 150 lbs.[24] The usual dosage amounts to 500–1500 mg per day (dose suggested by most manufacturers; usually an equivalent to 1–3 capsules of pure tyrosine). It is not recommended to exceed 12000 mg (12 g) per day.

I can concur with the effectiveness if you use Stimulants, my ritalin became much more effective now(ADHD).

I noticed more of an effect from Tyrosine than I did with just L-dopa, suggesting to me that my Norephrine was out of whack aswell, something which is so obvious now and logical, but no-one ver told me. I love Ritalin now, I hated it for the crash.
I used to have selegiline in powder form when I lived in Canada, and in Portugal I got it from a pharmacy without a script (there are "tricks" to obtain virtually anything non-narcotic script-free here)
I've mixed it with methylone with very good effects and virtually no come-down, as the decline in dopamine is very gradual with MAO-B inhibition. Highly recommended! Selegiline is also great on its own, my dose is 5mg sublingual and it works great for boosting dopamine.
Sulbutiamine has dopaminergic properties, but uses a mechanism of action quite different from other dopamine-boosting compounds. This nootropic actually reduces the release of dopamine in the prefrontal cortex. When dopamine levels are reduced, the amount of dopamine receptors increases as part of a compensatory system. Dopamine receptor levels are linked with interest levels and concentration. As such, because Sulbutiamine reduces dopamine levels and increases the amount of dopamine receptors available, it makes the body more sensitive to any dopamine releases that may occur. For this reason, some students utilise it when studying to increase their learning and productivity.
Tyrosine wont do much for dopamine despite being a precursor. Mucuna puirans or velvet bean extract as its also known is good for dopamine
Fish oil apparently raises dopamine
perhaps curcumin or bdnf inducers... I recently saw a comment on that, although I have not investigated yet... any supplement that raise dopamine production, like L-Tyrosine, L-Dopa activates homeostasis mechanism of your body... your body downregulates receptors to avoid overload and to stay in the baseline.
bacopa and inositol for 60-70 days are probably the only things that can truly upregulate dopamine receptors due to their strong serotonergic effect
good luck with the fatigue tho
You can't upregulate receptors if you keep taking things that act on dopamine, it's a biological thing. Upregulation occurs when there is no stimulation of the receptors, so your body compensates by increasing the number of receptors.
So basically you receptors will upregulate when you stop taking stimulants (and it will take a while too, the minimum it takes is 1 month). You could speed up this process by taking high dose inositol and bacopa but it's simply not gonna happen if you don't stop taking dopamine agonists/reuptake inhibitors (caffeine, focalin etc)

What you need to reduce stimulants tolerance are NMDA antagonists but they will still not work if you keep taking all these things. Start - at least - by removing caffeine for a week (two weeks would be better).

BTW your making thing worse by taking Tyrosine, it should be used as needed or homeostasis kicks in and you're back to square one, or worse.
There is a possibility that you can upregulate receptors while you are consuming dopamine precursors, Still I could not do the experiment, but if you take uridine you can reduce the downregulation of dopamine D2 receptors. Uridine monophosphate has the characteristic of upregulate dopamine receptors....so kind a dopamine booster I could not get uridine for now, I want to inhibit MAO-B and COMT in conjunction with the uridine d2 receptors upregulation. Also it is possible to counteract the DA receptors downregulation upregulating the enzyme Tyrosine Hydroxylase
It was supposed to be the working way of the CILTEP Stack.

Long-term increases in intracellular cAMP levels may change the sensitivity of a DA receptor expressing cell to DA by increasing D2 receptor density through enhanced cAMP-dependent transcription.
Forskolin increases the concentration of cAMP, and is one of the main components of the CILTEP stack.

The other option its High Inositol doses
But I prefer Uridine.
Homeostasis its bitch hard to beat.
You could have some benefits from sporadic use but the real benefits from the upregulation of dopamine receptors will come out after 2-3 weeks AFTER having finished an Inositol cycle (6-12 weeks according to the study but could be less or more, it's a wild guess)
Uridine Monophosphate is a good dopamine modulator that helps with caffeine withdrawal. Coffee intake is fine as long as you keep the daily dosage relatively consistent and well timed. It is neuroprotective and contains powerful antioxidants.
Meditation, yoga, exercises, learning and meeting new people. From nootropics - l-theanine, should be fine. Leave caffeine totally. You may try Alpha GPC in low doses, but it may impact you negatively, so be cautious.
Forget uridine, take cdp choline, check out the research. Ladasten should be good promoting dopamine synthesis. My dopamine enhancement stack; Rhodiola rosea, sulbutiamine, CDP choline, NALT, combine with l-theanine and EGCG from green tea. And of course ibogaine, even in microdosing, can have profound effects balancing your neurotransmitters returning your brain "to a preaddictive state". Its also an excellent nootropic in microdoses.
Mirapex, pramipexole, is an expensive pharmaceutical dopamine agonist. I have experience with cabergoline. Would rather look into l-selegiline if want something pharmaceutical. Mucuna pruriens (ldopa) is also worth investigating for short term potentiation
I've read that aniracetam helps balance your dopamine and serotonin to healthy levels. I use piracetam and occasionally noopept for brain protection.
NALT is superior used once weekly. Experiment cautiously with dopamine precursors. Keep doses low to avoid nausea
I read that rhodiola and theanine are stimulating dopamine and it is not good to take more than one supplement stimulating dopamine
I've been considering starting a choline/DHA/uridine stack, but I'm still on the fence. Do you happen to know if the stack has any indication for hippocampus/limbic repair (possible damage secondary to ADHD stimulant use)?

Secondly, I've heard the CDP is typically the preferred choline source in this stack as it can improve dopamine receptor density.

Thanks in advance.
L Phenylalanine, lots of omega 369s, glycine at night and phosphatidylserine. If you want to ween yourself off which is usually the best route, use these. Then ween yourself off of the L Phenylalanine, because it is used for both dopamine and receptor synthesis.
choline and inositol helped me a bit. but you will prbly get some better answers to this from others here, as I do think it's a legit question. Although you could google noots to restore dopamine balance.
phenibut is what I use. one dose every 4 days. though I use it to combat low dopamine levels because i am a habitual smoker. not sure about using it if you have quit.
Unless you have a disorder, trying to saturate your brain with dopamine is a bad idea.
Don't underestimate amino acids/enzymes that are dopaminergic or precursors like citicoline and l-tyrosine.

The afforementioned herb, mucuna pruriens, the velvet bean, is one of my personal favorites. It was roasted and brewed as an ersatz coffee in South America and was dubbed "Nescafe." I like to toss some mucuna and some green tea in with my morning coffee generally.
why not try to take a precursor like L-Tyrosine
9mbc is the best and fast way for repair dopaminergic system. On the other hand you have the Uridine stack for produce more d2 receptors. You can also try with low dose memantine and noopept.
Memantine is really the most direct thing to couterbalance stimulant use I think. Rutaecarpine is an interesting "anti-caffeine" available from Powder City (and elsewhere for much more), not sure if its worth it entirely but is also a COX-2 inhibitor. Fasoracetam and Ashwagandha is supposed to help upregulate GABA production, not sure what you respond best to but I would probably give the Sensoril extract a run, the KSM-66 seems to have stronger sedation effects. I would also add in Agmatine and some good Magnesium (Glycinate or Threonate) if you want to go full out.
Asetyl L-Tyrosine, Mucuna Pruriens boosts dopamine levels.. Have you used tyrosine in your stack?
I love L theanine personally, but a bunch of people seem to have wierd reactions to it. It's definitely not going to relieve major anxiety, but it is useful for mild, every once in awhile stress. It's the only "nootropic" I take every day with caffeine. It's a bit of a hit or miss supplement in my experience though, but it's definitely worth a try. Relora is probably worth a try as well.
Tyrosine. Not sure about Taurine, but definitely Tyro. It's a precursor to a few neurotransmitters, one of which is Dopamine.
Agmatine and Memantine that upregulates Dopamine receptors and will allow you to quit without too much difficulty.
I do think one always needs full sleeps to repair anything in body, don't trim those times short
N-acetyl-L-tyrosine - will allow proper catecholamine synthesis. Also, stop taking glycine at night - it can make you horribly groggy in the morning. If you over-suppress cortisol in the PM (eg through glycine use), you risk interrupting your AM cortisol spike, which is what gets you up and out of bed.
Citicholine has been shown to increase the number of dopamine receptors in the brain. Selegeline will mildly elevate dopamine by suppressing the antagonist hormone - prolactin. Selegeline has also been shown to have life extension properties. However it is a MAO inhibitor so might possible interact with certain prescription meds. It takes about 2 weeks to really see effect in terms of mood and motivtion. Cheap though!
I mention what others said: Thyroid and Test levels are very important for energy. But aside from that, you may want to experiment with Bromocriptine or other Dopamine receptor agonists. This is because the damaging effects of Adderall is that of increased transporters which empty out the dopamine in your body way too quickly and is not utilised effectively, If you use Bromo, they will attach to the receptors regardless of increased transporters. This will atleast allow you to function normally without having any damaging effects to the body that will last a while. Mind you each dopamine medicine has different D receptor affinities so you may want to experiemnt. I would start with Bromo first and switch it up frm there
Selegeline will have the largest effect on dopamine of those substances but also has the harshest side effects.
sulbitamine heal dopamine receptor,in some week make me feel better

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