I finally got my Fiancee to get her thyroid levels checked as she has always struggled with exhaustion and other stress related symptoms. She was told she has Hypothyroidism and also had low Iron levels. Doctor gave her Iron/Vit C tablets but only said to eat better for thyroid issue. Can you guys point me in the direction of some good articles and info on remedies. BTW, she works nights and it's hard to get her to stick to a routine.
I once read that what both thyroid disorders need is iodine supplementation because it's a deficiency of iodine - too much iodine in otherwise healthy people is quite toxic though. You could try looking into a naturopathic approach - in addition to, not instead of what your specialist has prescribed.
Iodine, iodine, iodine nootropic. There are several ways to administer/dose it. The easiest way for me is tablets which I take several days per week. Look for "Iodoral".
You can also use monatomic and lugol's liquid preparations both orally and topically.

If you just want/need to treat the symptoms you can buy T3 and T4 as research chems from many different websites.
You definitely need to get a better dr if you had to ask them to check the thyroid levels (or try to find review on reddit) and they then start spouting she has hypothyroidism - when the thyroid levels are normal (and the thyroid is a bit low - what does that mean if the thyroid hormones are ok?) Anyway it appears she has some type of anemia if her iron levels are low (unless she has heavy periods and the test was just after them...?) ..but definitely a second opinion is called for urgently. In the interim some multivitamin & iron tablets and tons of kelp and iodised salt should (all things being equal) be enough - but dump yr gp ...:(
7,8-Dihydroxyflavone & Curcumin are pretty much miracle drugs. The only
issue probably is absorption. Nothing you can't fix with bioavailability hacks like Piperine, Lecithin, Chitosan, Fats etc... They are quoted as being "metabolic band aids" because they exert their effects through normalization of enzymes, hormones, homeostasis while also reducing pain and inflammation. The list goes on and on.
I do detoxification/cellular strengthening work with herbs if you're interested. I would consider a good thyroid herbal formula, endocrine gland formula, or small amounts of a New Zealand thyroid glandular (just for a little to bring up function). Simultaneously, I would detox your body. I offer very good herbal formulas for this as well as coaching.
I have the same problem - hypothyroidism. Dedicated porcine thyroid has both T-4 and T-3 hormones .if you go with a prescription you will only be getting T-4 and it is synthetic . The pork thyroid is natural and bio identical to human thyroid hormones
It took me three months to get my dosing of desiccated thryroid correct . One has to first slowly wake up idling T-3 and T-4 receptors with very small amounts of dessicated thyroid others wise it won't matter how much of desiccated thyroid or prescription drugs you take it will only stay in your blood and not become active with in cells . Also desiccated thryroid has a short half life so in the morning I worked up to 3 capsules and about 2:00pm I take an addtional two capsules . Daily Lugo's iodine will help to synthesize both thyroid hormones .
I have Secondary Addisons Disease which is a genetic adrenal disease. So its similar, but my adrenals are not defunct in the gross physical sense (that is primary Addisons), they malfunction because my pituitary doesn't give the "correct orders" to the rest of the endo system. Unless your adrenals were literally damaged by TB or a severe infection, you might consider whether your issue is also a genetic disorder of the Pituitary? I say that because it is unlikely you would manifest problems with ALL the endo system, unless the pituitary was the source of the problem. I inherited it from my mother, who had her Pituitary removed. Etc. My problem has been MASSIVELY improved by taking 250 mg of Phenylpiracetam daily. I take more, if I am super tired or if it is colder than 50 degrees outside. Regarding your coffee addiction, you might look into THEACRINE, which is a pretty decent substitute and doesn't mess with your blood sugar (don't get diabetes by abusing sugar! That is a BIG risk!) Lately I have started taking a 40% extract of Epimidium, to help me get motivated to exercise. Since I am female and under 130lbs, I don't see that its wise to take it at 98% purity, (I take it at 40%). But, since you are having testosterone issues, you might consider the higher purity extract. That has been proven fairly reliably to raise testosterone levels in men by more than double. In my case, I just want to drop 10 lbs and avoid osteoporosis --lol I find it really helps me to work longer into the night, instead of getting tired.
Phenibut is best taken once a week or so, uhmm, there are a few nootropics that help with the immune system like L-theanine.
Noopept seems like it would help with the brain fog along with other things and it's overall safe to take multiple times daily.
You should prolly do the hormone therapy that thyroid problems usually need to get fixed. There's also the iodine treatments. Nootropics can help alleviate some of the brain fog but I dunno how much that'll help, and might just make you think you're doing okay when you're not
You need to be very careful with all Nootropics. Many stimulate an immune response and since Hashimoto's is an auto-immune disorder they could potentially exasperate your condition.
Agrisept is an antibacterial/antifungal that is amazing at protecting you from getting sick. Plus it helps kill off candida overgrowth and helps with weight loss (whether necessary or not) Find it on Amazon. I haven't been sick in over 3 years since starting it.
I have an employee with the very same condition. She finds relief with a custom stack of energizing nootropics with a moderate choline donor, coupled with (and this is the critical piece) a good dose of pregnenolone, with a tiny amount of DHEA. By moderating those prohormones with some healthy cholesterol, you should find immediate optimism, clarity and natural energy.
I have Lyme and can completely relate to inflammation-induced brain fog. It persisted and persisted. It was only until I started to eliminate the allergen that my CNS saw relief. Of course, in your case, it may be a little more difficult then that. You may want to try mast cell deactivators and histaminergic antagonists depending on what your doctor says. Noots both helped and hurt me. The only one which really put me on the right track was Cerebrolysin, but until you knock out the inflammation you're not going to get much better.
Id suggest listening to some naturopathic/health podcasts such as dr lo radio (Lauren Noel) underground health with Sean cruxton, and bulletproof radio. There are some great episodes on hashimotos.
I have seen some suggestions and studies showing that eliminating gluten helps with Hashimoto's. Apparently the molecular composition of thyroid tissue is almost identical to gluten. Either way, changing your diet and lifestyle can help with this.


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