What do you recommend for tough technical job interviews?
(where real time coding, math and difficult reasoning questions are part of the interview)

What have nootropics done for me? Well, let's see. If I start from the end, you won't believe me. But, if I start from the beginning, it's more clear. It began when I started taking piracetam and choline during my sophomore year of college. I had read that there were certain supplements that you could take to boost brain power. Just wait, job interviews comes later.

I initially doubted it, but I had a B-minus average, so I figured, what was there to lose? Well, after only a month on piracetam, I started noticing my grades improving and it being easier to remember what I heard in class to the point that I started to remember literally everything and no longer needed to take as many notes. By the end of the year, I was getting straight A's in every class and had an overweighted courseload. I ended up graduating in the top 10% of my class and becoming head of my academic department, not all in the same day of course.

Before graduating, I was part of the debate club, student body president, an officer in several campus organizations, and a frequently invited guest speaker to events. The words seemed to flow effortlessly and very often I didn't even need to prepare what it was I wanted to say.

So Nootropics helped me tremendously in job interviews. L-Theanine calmed my nerves and modalert made me think and speak so crisply and clearly that people thought I was a genius, regardless of what I said. Today, I'm in a job that pays well into the middle of six figures and only drive an economy car and rent a studio apartment because I choose to do so. I have taken on investing and stock trading as a side hobby and done well. I spend my spare time mastering foreign languages for when I travel internationally and reading research papers on space travel and anti-aging.

If you were to break into my place, I'd rather you steal my silver coin collection or set of gold bars than steal my nootropics gear, as the nootropics are what lead to me acquiring and owning everything else here around me. The gold and silver can be easily replaced, but some of the nootropics I have are extremely hard to find and mean a great deal to me. I'd grab them first in a fire.

I have taken Rhodiola Rosea with success for some time now. I'm just wondering if there is a better stack than just Rhodiola. I may try phenyl next.
I am prepping for an interview at Google. Currently only using caffeine and theanine, with Modafinil as a backup as needed. Just ordered some bacopa, will have to see how that goes.
Bacopa is good for an interview but i'd pair it with a light stimulant like phenyl-p, caffeine or oxiracetam to avoid the sedating feeling
Actually do more interviews.
I derped up an interview with Palantir and realized I needed to practice. Applied to a ton of startups I had no intention of working for on hacker news, create large reddit thread, and did the interviews. Helped me more than anything else. Exposure therapy basically so I'd stop getting nervous. And the questions they ask for your skill level is usually similar all around.
Also knowing the subject matter well doesn't hurt lol but noots for that are a different story
Just be sure who you are shows through. When I give technical interviews 75% of what I am watching for is how the candidate approaches the problem and how they work under pressure.

Some noots make me irritable so I would do some trial runs to see how your personality is affected.
Arithmetic calc its where drugs that affect specially front cortex (stims) and racetamstogether shine. Possible stack - phenylpiracetam, piracetam, cdp choline, phosphatidylserine, vinpocetine, modafinil/amphetamines, b vitamins, possibly hydergine, depends on your genes. Some ashwaganda with theanine if prone to tension/anxiety. I havent tried yet coloracetam
, prl 8 53, fasoracetam but they look very promising on paper.
Katie spot on - a great lawyer knows better the judge than the laws. Dont try new noots on the interview try in social settings friends and other random evaluationa. getbenzos or a beta blocker if still wanna risk, saved my ass before not panaceas for anxiety.
Pram is giving me an unprecedented connection between my mind and body. If I can keep up this pace of progress with my disc golf game, I'll be touring again very soon and winning. And it's not just physical improvements with accuracy and distance; it's the first time I've had such belief in myself.
Modafinil is effective. Unlike most racetams there is no arguing/discussing modafinil's efficacy. The concern is that it is not a true nootropic and likely leads to long term damage when used chronically. Chronic use is also easy because of said efficacy. It's not adderall, but it's also not good for you.
I mixed phenibut and mofafinil when I was very tired. ~ 3/4 hours sleep for a presentation. The modafibil helped a lot but I think the phenibut was overwhelming and didn't help with nerves too much. Just my personal experience though but mixing is probably too much as they sort of fight against the each other as stimulant and relaxant
I took some phenibut, 750 mg I think with a cup of strong coffee. Then about half an hour later I had 500 mg of L-Tyrosine and 1000mg of fish oil for good measure.To cut a long story shorter, the job thing was a bit of a non event. Me and the other girl were in good time, but they didn't seem to know what was going on or how long it would take, so we ended up getting applications to fill in. Also, there were pink balloons, so we went for a coffee and had a good convo.. Then I went for an amazing walk, through a graveyard I haven't been to for 25 yrs, past a nightclub I hadn't seen in daylight, found a park I never knew existed, bought a crystal like the one I dreamt about the night before from a witchy shop and tomato plants from a charity shop. When I got home I did some guerrilla gardening near my flat . All in all it's been a really good day, although not what I expected. I think the most noticeable thing was how easy it was to navigate the city. I'm usually pretty rubbish at that.

Caffeine, Modafinil, phenylpiracetam, unifiram, or sulbutiamine, in that order.


Just had 2 interviews, back to back, and got offers on both occasions. The stack went ALCAR, choline bitrate, bacopa, vitamin K mk7, noopept, theobromine, taurine caffeine, phenylalanine, glycine, Mg citrate, creatine, agmatine, ubiquinol, an omega 3-6-9, theanine, ashwagandha, panax, a hair skin and nail multiV, phenibut (dose before both) and astralagus. Best stack I've had in a while.

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