Anyone know about safe (maybe more mild) nootropics or other supplements that can be given to children for overall brain function and possibly an alternative for amphetamines? Sorry if this is an absurd question.
Have you first tried supplemental coconut oil and or raw pastured egg yolks?
Try some pro cholinergic like lecithin, alpha GPC or centrophenoxine. Go slow. DMAE used to be a prescription drug for ADHD under the name Deanol.
TMG powder,
& Chyawanprash tea with Molasses & Cocoa & milk.
Everything that is prothyroid. I noticed immense improvements in my son who was ADD and had anxiety with OCD. He no longer displays any of these symptoms. I highly recommend reading the work of Dr Raymond Peat.
Fish/Krill oil with Astaxanthin (4mg)
Another good one is Fasoracetam or pramiracetam with alpha GPC. Im ADHD and partial to Coluracetam. That one hasn't been studied much though.

Semax and Memantine are being studied for adhd. Both are mild and safe and the fda is close to approving the latter (though you can still get it as an OTC supplement in powder or liquid form)
I would ONLY give children quality sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Brains are mostly comprised of fatty tissue and children's brains are growing and developing. You want them made from the right type of fats. Give them some high quality omega 3 products made for children like the products Barleans sells. They won't need anything else except a decent diet.
Many clinical studies on Bacopa for children. I worry about the lead content of many suppliers.
magnesium l-threonate, uridine and fish oil.

IMO, the best cognitive enhancers for children would be: sleep, healthy diet, exercise, and social interaction. There was also a study done that kids who were given music lessons showing that musical training at an early age adds an extra 5.1-7.6 IQ points. The highest IQ boost was from voice lessons, followed by keyboard/piano.  Also, teaching a second language at an early age would provide many benefits, not just cognitive.

I suppose hyperactive behaviour could be tamed with L-Theanine, but I haven't read any studies on children. I would only suggest that kind of supplementation as an alternative, if doctors have suggested something like Ritalin. If behaviour is okay, I don't think nootropics are essential for development. However, they could very likely be beneficial. Nobody could say for sure though.

Omega 3-6 in an appropriate ratio might be suitable though
Omega 3s and no sugar, keep their insuline levels in healthy ranges and feed them some probiotics . That would make an enormous difference in their behaviour , they will behave naturally and grow stronger ...
Diet, fatty acids, high protein intake, exercise, socializing & learning an instrument.

You can try L-theanine (camellia sinensis decaf extract)
Not supplementation , natural prpbiotics , some fermented foods .... Their are a lot of studies pointing the relation between ADHD and the gut bacteria equilibrium
iodine is very important for children also dha and other fats
No processed food, no junk food, no dairy, lots of sleep, any activities that take brain power, and lots of love. NO DRUGS

Ok, I'm going to say this one time and fairly certain others agree with it. You should not be giving children nootropics, period with the exception perhaps being piracetam for down syndrome and even that is a bit iffy


For this matter it's dangerous taking advice from people in here as many don't know what they are talking about

Consult with your doctor/psychiatrist and put him on a good diet with quality protein, omega 3's and cut down on high glycemic carbohydrates (sugar), exercise daily, socialize (if possible), play an instrument and spend time in nature.

L-theanine is generally safe for children though


A proper diet is crucial when it comes to development, get them engaged in any preferred type of exercise, limit screen time exposure & encourage regular proper rest. Vitamins might be a viable option as an adjunct treatment but do consult with someone who is qualified.


 Nootropics like Noopept, Oxiracetam and Celastrus Paniculatus, in a stack with theanine, a gentle stim, EGCG, Theanine and Ashwaghanda can do wonders. It's important to experiment with your stack and, just as importantly, with your child's overall health condition and glucose tolerance prior to injecting nootropics into their diet. But the results are real.

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