What are best nootropic stack for low motivation , depression, ahnedonia , willpower ?
In my experience, antidepressants. So far i'm 3 months into escitalopram, fairly basic but works for me it seems. Some people with more serious case of depression stack ssri and nsi-189 with success.
What you think you become. You want willpower think and feel the burning urge inside yourself to create it. It will last permanent. You want motivation find it within and develope a mindset to kick the worlds ass. Its permanent. You wanna be depressed keep thinking your depressed or you can think the opposite its permanent. Drugs and chemicals arent the answer. Your unstopabable desire to think what you wanna become is the answer. Good luck
First of all, get some good Magnesium, Citrate works alright but most prefer either Glycinate, Malate or Threonate depending on price or what else you need with it. Tianeptine is nice as well, but really going for the lowest hanging fruit is where you will get the best results, and most people are Mg deficient.
Low motivation is another way of describing depression. I have been up there in the same situation before. did not attend lectures, no work and even the days before exam i didnt read a shit. I got prescription of Amitryptaline (25mg) and after some weeks of taking it, that was the time when i really realised how much i failed and how i had to pick my ass together and do what should be done.
The old tricyclics can work well for some where SSRIs don't or haven't, despite a higher potential for side effects. Amitryptyline can be quite sedating which helps some with sleep whereas nortryptyline, desipramine and imipramine work well for others and can be more activating. They're all also much cheaper.
Prescribed smart drugs are difficult to get unless you got a doctor to be willing to write it but when it comes to nootropics, there are a few i have used and so far Phenylpiracetam has given some kind of motivation effect but you cant use this everyday due to the quick tolerance buildup. so at the end it might be best to talk to your doctor as many here have suggested.
I've heard differing accounts about the tolerance to Phenylpiracetam. Some people take it every day and say it helps them think and keeps them motivated. It should be good for willpower, low motivation , depression, and ahnedonia. I take it very intermittently because I build a tolerance for the enhanced reflexes it gives you.

If you do any kind of sport I would suggest training off it and then taking it when you need a win. I do MMA and am definitely a grappler. I train muay thai, but I suck at it. Taking 600 mg's of Phenylpiracetam I was able to beat two guys who habitually beat my ass when I spar with them on the feet. I'm talking years of one sided ass beatings, my victories were seen as flukes by the people we train with, but I couldn't keep it up by taking it habitually.

Most nootropic enthusiasts are lazy so I'll keep it simple. I'm a bio-hacker so it is essential for me to look at all aspects of life for health and happiness but there are a many supplements that can temporary relieve and some even slowly or slightly fix some symptoms of depression such as anhedonia, lethargy, low energy, willpower loss etc. I could be wrong on many of the ideas that I share but these are the things, supplements, nootropic stacks that I have researched and tried and worked for me. There are limit on what I can brain dump on here, so anything that you need elaboration on, just google research yourself. But I'l try to answer any question if you ask me. Take what you can from me and apply it to yourself. Before I get into any supplements, my number one advice is to completely cut out sugar. If your brain is fucked, especially with depression, you're not meant to have sugar, ever. You don't even eat fruits anymore. And no more alcohol. Do everything you can to keep your blood sugar balanced. But that all depends on how much you care to get better or how badly depression affects you. Your gut health is most important in your mood. 90% of serotonin is produced in your gut. If you have busted gut then you also have busted brain. Think of all the garbage you are eating. Gluten, dairy, vegetable oils, sugar, etc. Now let's get to supplements. Vitamin B12 and Folate will help your body synthesize neurotransmitters. You can take all the Tyrosine but if your methylation is blocked then your brain will not make the happy chemicals. Don't let me confuse you if you don't know what methylation is. Just remember it's one of the most important mechanism in your body and it chooses which genes are utilized and it basically makes up your personality. B12 and folate will help release the partially blocked methylation. I will mention what the best forms of the supplements are to take . You should be able to find them at health food stores. B12 in a form of Methylcobalamin or look on reddit sales. I take 5mg daily sublingual. Dissolve in your cheeks for at least an hour. The first time I did this I felt very energized, but anxious. It takes time to get used to because you are releasing your methylation. Folate. Do not take folic acid. You can just take them with water. L-Tyrosine: Amino acid used as precursor to dopamine. Phenylalanine: Amino acid that converts in to Tyrosine. Take the two together and it can be very helpful for depression. I used to take these quite often and had success with them. Or just either one is just fine. I personally like Phenylalanine but it's up to you. L-Tyrosine works quicker. 5HTP: Precursor to serotonin. L-Tryptophan: Amino acid that converts into 5HTP. Don't take both. Serotonin is great, seriously. Everything is gonna be okay. Emergency anti-depressants ADHD stimulants (dexedrine, adderal, or ritalin): If your brain is a permanently dopamine deficient broken factory, these supplements will make you feel like a superman for a day, you can forget about ahnedonia or depression. But prescription only. Or bum some off of your friends if you really need to vanquish the depression for a day. Modafinil: This is my personal favourite emergency drug. Some people take it daily. One of the lowest toxicity of all pharmaceuticals. If you are genetically fit for this nootropic/medication, it can make you a God with strongest willpower. It's like being constantly injected with low dose of cocaine, but without experiencing unpleasant side effects. Unfortunately this is not my case, but it does enhance my mood and cut my excessive daytime sleepiness. Extremely difficult to obtain. I ordered  SunModalert and give some to my friends for trial and they love it. They are prescription drugs and only modafinil is considered a nootropic. But the ADHD stimulants are easier to obtain from the doctors. Super anti-depressant Tianeptine: I think this is a remarkable anti-depressant. Instead of the conventional SSRI (inhibitor), Tianeptine is a SSRE (enhancer), or so it is considered… I've tried SSRI before and it made me feel pretty zombie like and did not enhance my mood at all. Remember, SSRI works for half the people and relieves half the symptoms. Tianeptine worked on the first day and it has been a magic. For my usual depressed brain, it has been a long time since I was self-amused, free from outcome, and just laughing like I'm high on life. This nootropic is for serotonin and not for dopamine so it will not necessary give you motivation but really good for anxious feeling depression. Lowest toxicity of all anti-depressants, but banned in North America. God bless. I ordered mine from powdercity. Powdercity is my favourite site to order nootropics from. Cheapest, high quality and swift delivery. Thyroid and depression I've not realized the importance of thyroid until I took my first two drops of liquid iodine. I was so revved up that I only slept about 10 hours that week. Iodine is an essential nutrient that supports the production of thyroid hormones. Of course, now that I am replenished, I do not sleep 10 hours per week. Recently I've learnt the next level importance of thyroid health. Coconut oil……. WTF….. So I have been keeping track of my mood, energy, serenity, and performance and the supplements that I take. For about a week I had unbearable anxiety and constant panic attacks, and had it last for another week I would have jumped out of my balcony. Later I realized that the coconut oil was causing this. I've done my research and found out that coconut oil also supports the thyroid function. I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and it leaves me sitting or laying down all day, and not do anything unless it involves great mental stimulation. Since taking coconut oil, I wake up and clean my place, read books, and go for bike rides and I run endlessly. I go outside in a T-shirt while everybody is wearing winter coat. I just adjust my dosage so that I get the energy and motivation benefits from the coconut oil without the panic attack. It's not going to work for everyone, but coconut oil is good for you anyways. I would take 5 tablespoons if I can. Moral of the story, don't underestimate your thyroid. Take good care of it. Phenibut: Potent anti-anxiety, mood enhancing, and socially lubricating nootropic. Phenibut is GABA that is able to cross the blood brain barrier so it works very well in inhibiting your over-firing neurons like norepinephrine. It works well as alcohol alternative, or benzo alternative. Sulbutiamine: Synthetic vitamine B1 that crosses the blood brain barrier. It basically dumps whole a lot of dopamine in your brain in 5 hours so you will feel great. It is also a great social lubricant. After the effects diminish, you feel tired and low, but this nootropic has kind of semi-permanent benefits as your brain is dopamine depleted, the compensatory mechanism makes the dopamine receptors more sensitive. This is great because it beats the dopamine deficiency and makes you feel better with just little amount of dopamine. Rhodiola: Not sure if it's placebo, but I think this enhances my mental energy. Just something to add on. It could be very useful to you. Omega 3 (DHA): This is a very good anti-depressant and ADHD relief. I used to have problems with connecting my imagination to my words and since taking omega 3 it has minimized that. If you mix it with Alpha GPC, it helps the body to make uridine which is a potet antidepressant. Okay. I've written a long thread and I am finally tired. I hope this is helpful to whoever that reads. Don't take my word for everything. Do your own research. Don't rely on nootropics too much. I thought that my depression was invincible so I worked so hard to make my life exciting to relieve my depression. You can do the same, little by little. Develop yourself. Enjoy the present moment. Stop playing video games and jacking off to porn. Get in upward spiral. If you had to die tomorrow the last thing you will think about is nootropics.

Tianeptine Sulfate. Vitamin D3/K2 (if your level isn't between 40 and 60). Serotonin (5-HTP, L-Tryptophan, St. John's Wort).
If you have depression you need to balance your brain chemistry. Most people who have depression is because they are not getting enough of the building blocks for neurotransmitter formation to create the feel good feelings we so desire like dopamine and serotonin. This leads many to self-medicate with drugs/alcohol that gives a temporary fix but doesn't fix the underlining problem and actually makes things worse in the long run. I wouldn't say that just 1 nootropic is not going to be the answer. To create your body we have something called DNA which is our blueprint so to speak and if you are not ingesting the right building blocks for your body to follow the blue print your health will suffer this includes having depression. It is like a construction co. trying to build a house from a blue print that needs so many 2X4s, pieces of sheet rock, screws, nails etc. If they only have half of the building blocks or materials something is going to suffer. Same with your body. If you are receiving unnatural things into the body that shouldn't be there through your food,air ,water and products that you put on the body it will suffer as well. This is why it is important to cleanse out the body of things that get into the body that are not meant to be there .
Exercise: willpower is needed in the last 5 minutes of that intense 30 minute run (this is where you get your benefits); it automatically facilitates motivational behavior and pulls you right out of anhedonia and depression -- stop running from your reality and challenge yourself physically, there is no better drug than this.

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