Anyone with experience using noots such as Galantamine for lucid or vivid dreaming? I am also interested in enhancing meditation.
Theanine. Give it a go.
enhancing meditation, that's almost a koan - perhaps a new technique will be more useful than a supplement
Yes. What I like to do is take some melatonin(smaller dose) to help drop off and not pop back awake, then right before bed I take a custom built capsule. I take a large capsule toss in some choline,stick an 8mg galantamine capsule in it, and add a racetam for whatever rooms there is. Then squeeze another capsule over it to help slow the breakdown. I also pair it with Acetyl-l-carnitine which has also been double capsuled. Usually that's a weekend morning sort of deal. I put in ear plugs and make sure the alarms are shut off and the room will stay cool. Be warned, if this stack opens up before you go out and you will not get any sort of good nights sleep if you can sleep at all.
Bacopa or African dream root.
Mega dose of noopept (75-100mg) plus 200-400 mg 5-HTP, 800mg alpha GPC and a few magnesium's makes my dreams pretty intense.
Most common noots for dream enhancement are 5-HTP, choline, and melatonin. Rhodiola and bacopa, I find, are also helpful for improving sleep quality. Edit: add l-theanine to the list too.
Galantamine and Huperzine-A
Cholinesterase + piracetum = crazy vivid dreams. I wasn't using them to have vivid dreams. I just wanted to enhance my memory!
Mugwort is a traditional herb for lucid dreams, also there is another maybe south american one, I will try and find it and post.
Most of the advice above except the bacopa will only have minimal effects. You will not find anything more powerful to induce vivid dreams than African dreamherb (silene capensis). Calea zacatechichi and bacopa also works.
Silene capensis: This entheogen is a tender perennial botanical species native to Eastern Cape South Africa where the entheogen is regarded as a sacred plant with the remarkable power to induce vivid and prophetic lucid dreams. Silene Capensis has often been refered to by the name of "Ubulawu". By many folks, the Silene Capensis botanical is considered more powerful than even Calea Zacatechichi, or even the African Oneirogen ( Entada rheedii ). Herbalists commonly suspect the effects are caused from triterpenoid saponins found within the root. Triterpenoid saponins are naturally occurring compounds that exist in multiple plants.
chronic piracetam use gave me some vivid dreams. Try that.
I tried both noopept, dark chocolate (that one I'm eating every day and night, I'm a chocoholic since childhood) and nothing. B6 seems to help somewhat in vivid dreams when I take it before bed. I gave up on supps for lucid dreaming, I'm learning now that natural and hard way through MILD and WILD.
you need a big dose of noopept to make it work, at least 50 mg, and a choline source as well.
It could ruin the sleep though.

I've heard that galantamine works for lucid dreaming, but I have no experience with it
Tried galantamine as well (with choline source), again you need a higher dose and while it works for some, it doesn't work for many others. The thing with lucid dreaming is that if you can do it - even if irregularly, these things will help. But if you can't get lucid worth beans - at all, no supplements will help, at most they will screw with the sleep - at least for most people.
Alpha gcp in small dose
Dream herb
St John's Wort,
An Shen Bu Xin Wan.
ahhhahahah cmon man, if you want tips on lucid dreaming you gotta read the books or also take doses of psilocybin and lsd, the drugs will kinda help but getting to the dream state and staying there takes practice.
I have tried most dream herbs. These nootropics have only a modest effect on dreams, and in my experience I have not noticed much difference. And definitively nothing that could compare to proper shamanic dream enhancing herbs. The strongest you can find is Xhosa the African Dream Root (silene capensis). Beware it is very powerful, after taking it sometimes I dont feel rested because I have been flying around the universe. Calea zacatechichi, the American dreab herb, also works but slightly less potent. Bacopa monnieri also works.
Galantamine with choline works great. I've tried all the herbals they work too but they work a lot better with wild or mild practice.
Melatonin always makes my dreams more vivid.
Huperzine a might work too
Melatonin, magnesium (pick good source) & small dose of nicotine seems to increase vividness & rem. You might want to try lucid dreaming mode in sleep as android for example, which can be helpful to keep you in proper cycle / brain frequency. Some studies show that nicotine can decrease rem, but I think this is due to overnight withdrawal symptoms from it, so don't want to use heavier than 0,5mg doses.
bacopa and blue lotus very powerful duo of noots or blue lotus alone
I lucid dreamed last night and all I did the whole time was try and manifest women to appear so I could screw them. I'd rather have a normal dream. There is nothing new's all hidden worlds.
Dreams after aniracetam are pretty vivid and lucid for me.
The lucid dreams make me tired the next day. Like I was awake the whole time
Melatonin, l-theanine, Magnesium, lemon balm, lavendar
I don't recommend psychiatrics, but I do recommend Somatomax by HiTech Pharma
Galantamine (very effective for most people), mugwort, huperzine A (extremely effective for myself at 120 micrograms right before bed), guayasa tea 2 hours before waking, melatonin, choline sources, damiana, calea z. herb, entada rheedii beans, DHEA (some cases), and nicotine patches
Take b-12 sublingual and eat some AGED cheese before bed. Aged cheeses have octapine, a false neurotransmitter. Maybe not lucid per se, but craaaaaazy
Synaptolepis kirkii, Silene capensis, Entada rheedii, and Calea zacatechichi are all vital tools for dreams.
Of course technique is what can matter most when it comes to OBE dream states and the like, those plants however can give a helping hand where technique falls short.
ZMA won't get you lucid dreams, but you'll have vivid dreams. If it works with something that gives you lucidity, you're in for some interesting nights.
Nicotine is an amazing lucid dreaming tool. Pretty much anything that increases acetylcholine levels in the brain has the potential to enhance dreams. Sometimes I will wear a nicotine patch to bed and take something to sedate me to counter the stimulating effects of the nicotine.

Xhosa dream root (silene capensis) and Calea zachetachichi are both very powerful oneirogenic compounds and I have usef both and gotten decently powerful results.
I've been using mogwort as a tea before bedtime. Also burning it as insence prior to bedtime helps to set the mood and smells akin to sage. Tea has a very bitter flavor, but a handful of pastachio nuts takes the edge off. Very restful sleep, but not something you take for prolonged use, as with most things. Cycling is always best.
Phenylpiracetam Hydrazide with PRL-8-53 works two times for me.
Nootropics are GABA, 5htp, n-acetyl-tyrosine, melatonin, d3, methylcobalamin

Try somatomax
tyrosine is just a precursor to tryptophan, melatonin doesn't increase lucid dreaming either, D3 doesn't increase lucid dreaming... and serotonin reuptake chemicals but ashwaganda is the only one I've seen results with lucid dreaming... somatax and methylcobalamin is a B-12 precursor which would give you energy... and somatomax is a human growth hormone precursor... please do your research...
I've been having a lot of wild, lucid dreams lately, and the only thing I can attribute that to is what I've been taking. Otherwise, I typically don't ever dream.

Choline, lions mane, noopept, and oxiracetam. I know no one has listed those nootropics here, but for me, there's no other explanation why I would be dreaming the way I have been.
Someone told me the other day that bacopa have them super lucid dreams.

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