Best Nootropics for meditation?
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In "Mindfulness in Plain English", frequently regarded as the best beginner's handbook for vipassana meditation, caffeinated beverages are recommended for meditative practice as a means of increasing attentiveness. But apparently good recommendations are treated as "trolling" around here.
Actually I found tea which contains caffeine to be good for meditating though anything near 100mg of caffeine will be terrible for meditating IMO
i went to one of the vispassana meditation retreats and loaded my water bottle with coffee during the day, aided meditation greatly. Second the coffee notion. But then needed tea to counterbalance the effects in the late evenings. I prefer to dont use noots for meditations.
i wouldnt suggest meditation on drugs after experimenting with my EEG devices during my practice I find nearly all of them get in the way of learning what your baseline mind even is... the purpose of meditation is to gain greater control and focus and depth of being and sensitivity, if you rely on external means to boost this during your meditations, then they will be of no practical use to you in the outside world... or so my experiance goes... also with pot or stimulants I find meditation is basically impossible or to put it more succinctly a total waste of time
and does not result in any real deeper states...pot puts u in a pseudo state like meditation.... but lets say if there are 10 levels and 0 is not meditating at all pot will raise u to lvl 2 and trap u there, weather u sit and meditate or walk around and do stuff... but thats just me don't take my word for anything see how ur body reacts I am just sharing my xp
After 18 months of meditation, 1 hour every day, I can definitely vouch for caffeine. However, it also comes down to your sensitivity to the stuff and depends how new you are to meditation. I wouldn't recommend caffeine to noobs because it's a challenge enough to quieten your mind without having to contend with caffeine stimulation. However listening to brainwave altering music can be an awesome aid
As far as meditation, using drugs to aid meditation is a bit like becoming a faster runner by driving a car. It isn't going to work. But some people use high potency cannabis sativa for this I understand.
I personally prefer to meditate without Noots, but I have heard people trying TCDS while meditating. I have yet to do any real research though.
why use anything at all with meditation? kinda defeats the purpose IMO. however, not nootropics, but dissociatives always put me into the most receptive state for meditation.
If I where to use a substance for meditation I would only use a small amount caffeine, and some l-theanine if needed. But No noots.
Enhance meditation, Kava, definitely Kava!
Bacopa has worked wonders for me.

Phenibut or melatonin but don't mix either of those with alcohol


there are some questions that nootropics simply arent the answer to. once you get into any sort of depth with meditation youll quickly see that any sort of substance taken is most likely counter productive to achieving the end result. perhaps if you had say adhd, there could be certain drugs to take to reduce the fidgety-ness that could help you early on to learn the practice and technique, but eventually even that would go out the window


 Just google breathing meditation. That would be the most common one. But there are different types also. But Starting with that would be my recommendation as its fairly easy to start with and most people doing mediation regulary can aid if you need help with the practice.

I do it to everyday out of habit nowadays. Like brushing my teeth. And it makes me remeber that everything is ok.


The idea of taking a substance to improvemeditation, while not totally as strange as it sounds, really isn't the best idea, given the goal of most meditative practices, such as mindfulness.

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