Nootropics for migraine prevention and neuropathic pain?
Doctor has prescribed me Amitriptyline but I'd rather avoid it if possible.
Am currently experiencing aura migraines twice a week, and have an injured facial nerve muscle (can't describe the pain, it's the worst thing I've ever experienced) as a result.
I've heard feverfew is effective for migraines.
Hi fat low carb, anti-inflammatory diet really really helped me with anxiety and depression. Also, vitamin D, folate, magnesium. Noot-wise there's always tianeptine, but I'd do the other stuff first.
L-theanine nootropic, 5htp and unless you are 4'10 eat a lot. You might still be able to get mk677 as a supplement if you look around enough this will drastically increase hunger.
Magnesium for sure, great for migraines.
All these vague caloric aims aren't helpful. Try and calculate a days intake, continually up that by no more than 100kcal per day until you start maintining or gaining a bit of weight. The gradual increase in healthy calories will help you get into the routine of eating more and you'll slowly grow in confidence if eating is a struggle.

Its tedious, but a diary will really help you analyse what areas you need to improve. Ensure your diet is as 'healthy' as possible and try to get some good sources of B-vitamins. Do you stuggle with eating due to your anxiety?

I've said it quite a few times, but if you can afford to see a professional once a month that'd help with the anxiety which can hopefully then help somewhat alleviate your depression.

When I was losing weight due to anxiety i'd meditate for 10 mins before eating to calm myself down and it helped me enjoy the food and keep it down.

I'm a PT so if you want any dietary advise feel free to message me.
Your best bet for dealing with migraines would either be an SSRI magnesium or a high protein ketogenic type diet. I can attest to the latter which has helped tremendously after almost a decades worth of suffering despite trying everything from Replax(sp?) to St John's Wort and other unorthodox treatments. Though some neurologists use tricyclics as part of a pain management protocol, SSRIs (specifically citalopram & prozac which act on the 5HT2A receptor site) should also be considered
A good stack is Vimpocetine (specific brain vasodilator), Piracetam (increases acetilcholine production), Alpha Gpc or 4 eggs yolks (cheap choline source), Huperzine A (achetilcholinestarese enzime inhibitor that breaks the acetilcholine).
Magnesium and a ketogenic diet to prevent migraines. Other suggestions include lion's tail which acts somewhat similar to a sedative however can reduce blood pressure slightly if those headaches are vascular in nature
The proven (by studies) vitamin level approach is with feverfew, ginger, butterbur, riboflavin (200-400mg), and magnesium (anything better than oxide, really, but glycinate might be worth it). Other than that, I can suggest having L-Theanine on hand for if you get one and there is nothing else around, much much safer than OTC migraine meds and you can take a good amount without major side effects.
I got migraines frequently and they've subsided a ton since I started taking magnesium supplements. If you know your triggers and you're avoiding them and staying properly hydrated, you may wish to try that. YMMV though.
Cluster headaches cured with psilocybin once a month. I get low blood sugar headaches now and then and niacin (not niacinamide) clears them up when the vasodilation flush arrives. Migraines may need vasoconstriction which is why ergot derivatives work. Hydergine.
suprisingly enough i havent gotten another cluster headache attack after i went back on my script of clonazepam (later on i asked to be additionally prescribed lyrica). however both of those compounds are basically the opposite of nootropics, without even going into the physical dependency potential (especially with benzodiazepines). for what its worth though, after so many years (btw from as far as i could tell, lsd and shrooms did not help in my case nor did magnesium, nor did about a plethora of other things i had tried, read my reddit review), this has been the first thing that seemingly worked for me in particular. unfortunately now im dependent on benzos and really dislike that so im trying to taper off (not sure yet what that will mean for cluster headaches).

ps. so there is no confusion, by going back i mean after not being prescribed klonopin for close to ten years (ie., they couldnt have been a symptom of withdrawal).
0 caffeine. I know if I took caffeine anhydrous it would help but I have anxiety problems. Niacin suggestion may be promising. I have picamilon,
To help a right now migraine, I've used an antihistamine and it helped. But that will make you sleepy. Also, freeze some water bottles and then roll them underneath your feet. Peppermint oil, one fingertip across your forehead might help. These are just suggestions.

But if you're looking for long term, Mema is it. I've been on break from Memantine almost 4 weeks now and I already have my cluster headaches again from looking through a scope all day.

I'm going to start another Mema cycle Monday.
That depends on what's causing your migraines.
If you're over simulating you're brain from too many noots causing jaw tension which in turn will cause migraines then magnesium can help to prevent it.
What if your vertebrae are compressed and restricting blood flow or pinching a nerve? Traction on your neck may relieve your symptoms (someone pulling on your head to decompress your spine)
Also caffeine can kick a headache, unless you're already taking caffeine then I might not suggest taking any more as it would probably only exacerbate the problem, depends on how much caffeine your already consuming.
Just a few suggestions anyway. Supplementation appropriate to the situation you know
noopept gets rid of hangovers, so it may help in this situation. The psychedelic children may help aswell, namely coluracetam and oxiracetam
Cannabis and me no longer mix well... Whenever I've smoked for the last three months I trip right into a place where I experience some extreme ego dissolution.
Certainly not nootropic but Topamax is approved for migraine and has weight loss as a side effect as very common

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