Need recommendations for a friend. 40s, overweight, diabetic. He's a midnight shifter like me and is suffering from sleep work disorder. His Dr won't give him anything. He was looking at adrafinil but I thought I'd see if anyone here had a better idea or if his health might factor in to his choice.
How about supplements to help with diabetes, see reddit. Have him look into R-lipoic-acid.
Only health worries is he cant tske it everyday.. It can be hard on the liver.. Get some milk thistle and other kiver detox enzymes and tske a couple days break during the week and he will be fine
A diabetic, overweight man shared with me how they get up to rummage through the fridge to eat carbs, as the carbs trigger insuli, which triggers celarign blood of nuero-hormones except the slow moving tryptophan. Thus causeing elevated tryptophan for the brain to use for sleep chemistry.

SR9009 & GW1516 to deal with the overweight and diabetic issues, I assume bad cholesterol, HDL and LDL levels. HIIT is specifically good for weight loss in obese individuals but it's hard to do but he should try. Try selegiline nasally 1h prior to exercise and exercise before doing the shift to peak phenethylamine. Do caffeine as well along with piperine PWO
I take moclobemide, selegeline, a quarter of a 150mg armodafinil and melatonin and zolpidem and mag glycinate for sleep working graveyard shift. I haven't found any other way to function consistently.

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