I appear to be on the onset of a panic attack. What can I do to stop or minimize it? any nootropic suggestions?
ummm... benzos, phenibut, l-theanine?
Just remember it's all in your head causing this, take deep breaths and think about how it's all gonna be just fine
when talking to a CBT-therapeut she said that never give in for tge attack. remember its nothing dangerous and dont go away to a backroom or lie down because that means you fled and the cycle is complete making it easier to get a new one.
It will pass and it won't hurt you. It's terrible but it's just a feeling and feelings aren't facts. You've gone through probably worse before and you'll get through this, just wait it out. Good luck.
Caffeine does do that. Maybe add the l-theanine if you got it
2g glycine taken sublingually. Sit and meditate. Or do some 'moving meditation' such as a kata or movement pattern from Tai chi, etc.
I wish etizolam were still considered a nootropic. Nothing else has stopped my panic attacks, but then again, I'm epileptic and they're awful.
alcohol or near pure codeine (CWE = cold water extract of codeine) nothing kills a panic attack like a 12 pack of good booze or 120mg of codeine
Lemon balm works great for me. Takes a few min to kick in.
Nothing beats a healthy psyche. Go to see a therapist or psychologist. You have deeper issues and should not fix them with drugs.
Sugar and heat lamps are a winning combo for reducing panic and stress.
Have you tried doing an elimination diet to figure out where certain foods are aggravating the situation? Panic attacks may be due to emotional as well as physical/biochemistry related reasons too. If interested there are 2 types of foods you could cut out for one week each to see if you feel any difference : 1) sugars and carbohydrates and gluten 2) casein/ all milk related products.

According to Dr Natasha Campbell who is a neurosurgeon and PhD in nutrition if the gut flora is unbalanced, sugars can feed the bad bacteria and they in turn release opiates toxins in the blood that can have detrimental effects on the brain including the induction of anxiety. So this would be an easy elimination test to try.

i suggest this but urge you to use caution and research first, I take kratom for anxiety. It is also used to to ease pain and discomfort associated with withdrawing from any substance really. SO it may help you to cut the caffeine out, if you have anxiety and looking for nootropics, caffeine is the last thing your body needs. I know the headaches and fatigue from stopping caffeine can be hard but they don't usually last more than 3-5 days. Good luck! if you don't have chronic pain or anxiety there is no need to use kratom daily. So for easing the withdrawal caffeine , maybe use it for about 3 days max. If you still have a lot of anxiety, kratom is way way way way better for you than what a doctor would give you aka a benzo like klonopin or xanax. I'd urge you to try kratom for anxiety before trying a prescription as they are much more addictive. Kratom can come with withdrawals as well, mostly similar to caffeine withdrawal but without headache- mostly just fatigue or "brain fog", so just a suggestion since you say you are having a hard time stopping the caffeine.

L-theanine worked great for me.
You should be working to prevent panic attacks as opposed to treating them when you get them. Adaptogens reduce stress, daily exercise, a couple of racetams help for social anxiety, less sugars and better eating. More quiet time, less caffeine, theanine, ashwagandha. Probiotics for a healthy gut influence brain neurotransmitters. Treat the underlying issues not the symptoms.
Phenibut but keep dose no bigger than 1.2 grams no more than 3 times a week and never 3 days in a row It took me awhile to work through my panic attacks, and I was able to taper off Benzos with etizolam which is identical to xanax in chemical structure except benzo molecule replaced with thieno molecule. Great thing is no withdrawals from etizolam. Nothing like other benzos that cause seizures.
3 days in a row on phenibut? never more than every other day without fasoracetam
I had a crippling fear of public speaking for a decade. Propranalol (beta blocker that GPs are usually more than happy to give out since the side effects tend to be minor or non existent) completely rid me of any of the physical symptoms.

Literally, I would shake, my voice would go tremulous, and my heart would pound out of my chest when I used to do presentations without them. Now - with beta blockers - I don't really worry about public speaking at all.

Can agree with others than Phenibut is good for the mental anxiety too.
I take a nice dose of L-Tyrosine to take the edge off enough to function thru high stress situations like that. But ultimately, you might want to get into some therapy sessions. Preferably ones that use CBT. Has helped me quite a bit at getting to the root source of my anxiety.
Happened to me last year. I ordered Phenibut for my oral exams in the next 2 weeks, but they didn't let it bass the border. Luckily I bought some ashwagandha with it so I'll take that prior to exams.
Phenibut, but only take it when you really need it.
Theanine 600mg and yeah selank can help prevent panic and anxiety
KSM-66, theanine, passionflower, kava. Phenibut takes too long to kick in
Meditation & understanding mindfulness. Not nootropics but they've helped me massively.
L-Theanine alongside an elemental magnesium supplement worked for me.
Meditation, L-theanine, Tianeptine, Emoxypine, Proper nutrition
Tianeptine is effective for panic disorder
Depends on the cause.

For example if you have anxiety due to a cortisol raise because. ... you are low blood sugar. The remedy would be avoiding blood sugar drops with food selections.
If the cause is stress, breathing patterns combined with squeezing your chest (a hug if you will) can help.
If the cause is too many stimulants, l-theanine would be helpful.

In general adaptogens lower cortisol, so the ginseng, ashawaghanda, holy basil, Rhodiola rosea etc.

There is always a prescription from a physician for a benzo.
Avoid beta blockers as an anti anxiety since it has far too many negative side effects like lower metabolism, increased insulin resistance, chance of heart attack, and brain fog.
Passiflora is an MAOI btw so it can interact with citalopram, if you are otherwise healthy look into low dose magnesium. I was going to suggest checking out leonotis nepetifolia however there is a fair chance of interaction as well. Look into either alternatives or slowly ceasing the citalopram as it can cause long term memory impairment as well as other problems including serotonergic downregulation
I'm not too experienced, but aniracetam is good for anxiety I've herd.
sarcosine, actually. I started off low, but found that 2g is actually about right. YMMV, of course
Phenibut, seriously effective, it's hard to believe it's still considered a supplement. I used it to treat my anxiety disorder. It's probably best to look into the potential addictiveness. Look into it.
use a ball, toss it between your two hands. This will force the hemispheres of the brain to talk to each other again. One of the hallmarks of panic attacks is that the hemispheres stop talking to each other.
You will build a tolerance no matter how strong or how long lasting the nootropics is. You need to change your life style incorporate with the nootropics, it will help for short time, but not
N search for mood enhancement, stress keyword u will be finding a lot more..Good luck...!
For panic attacks ashwagandha works really well.
I use Phenibut in the weekends
My girlfriend takes selank. She was on antidepressants for 4 years and finally got off them and hasn't had a panic attack since taking selank
Meditation works for me, but if you're looking for a pharmacological agent, I would look towards GABA agonists like benzodiazepines.
Oxytocin would improve things to the next level once you've already used L Theanine.

You can find Oxytocin in peptide form. I recommend find yourself a local peptide clinic for proper administering of the peptide via intravenous injection. Ideally also get a medical referral from your GP and psych and also try to claim it on your health plan if you have one.

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