Does anyone have any ideas for good nootropic stack for combat sports/ martial arts? Specifically for Brazilian jiu jitsu. I'm looking for things like improved reaction time / speed, decisiveness, balance, awareness, motor function, thinking speed etc.
For me I noticed noopept helped with reaction time and how fast I could think during a fight. Piracetam helped with balance but only a little.
Any suggestions are welcomed.
i experienced a lot of control and alertness with phenylp!!
Sulbutamine makes me feel stronger, might help. Phenyl definitely for the massive stimulation. Try sparring or rolling on a small dose of phenibut(750mg) it seems to lengthen my cardio sessions
I've been working on a competition nootropics stack for disc golf too. There are some very good suggestions here. I am using currently:
300 Phenyl
300 Phenibut
300 Centro
300 Adrafinil
10 mg Colur
Lion's Mane Extract

The Adrafinil or Moda will give you extra adrenaline and Phenibut helps keep you limber. I felt like I made good decisions thru my tourney last week.
Noopept and PRL worked well for me in oly lifting. Prl's reaction time enhancement is useful.
Aniracetam is very visually oriented for me and seems to increase visual acuity. Phenylpiracetam increases my physical strength but I don't get as much cognitive benefits. Maybe stack this two nootropics?
Pyritinol has been shown to improve reaction time
Phenyl piracetam. As long as it's not pro sports as it's on the anti doping list. Bromantane as well.
PRL does that. Not banned.

creatine, arginine, glutamine, taurine


Try boxing. Find a gym with a double end bag; that will definitely improve your reflexes and hand speed.

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