any noots' to help with socialising and being more talkative?

p.s. alcohol and cocaine are not nootropics, for those who would comment this.

Great question and I've been wondering about this too myself recently.

I'm sure others will most likely have better suggestions that mine but I'm anticipating intuitively that anything which:

(a) improves dopamine release and levels and

(b) perhaps also improves seratonin release would help.

Mucuna sounds like a possible start in the right direction.

It also depends very much on your own body chemistry for example.

With me, my mood can fluctuate a lot - sometimes I really need to 'make' myself step up and put myself out there even when I really don't 'feel' like it per se; hence why I'm going first for the dopamine strategy - it seems like lack of motivation is party of it in my case.

So L-Tyrosine might also make an impact. I second theanine as mentioned above, as a relaxant but I think what would really impact talkativeness most is something that hits the dopamine mechanism significantly.
I'm happy to discuss this over PM too.
Phenibut helps with anxiety kind of puts you into a drunken state. If your a high anxiety person it will help 1 or two times a week. Pretty much it's a legal benzo. Modafinil and Phenibut complement each other. Phenibut takes the edge off modafinil and modafinil makes you more alert. I felt like talking up a storm to people at the state Fair and I am normally more of an introvert. I did feel like crap the next few days though. I took a total of 2 G Phenibut that day and 200mg modafinil. 1 g of Phenibut I initially took.
As much as LDN is pretty awesome for most people, from my research 4.5mg isnt usually needed unless you need chronic pain management. For most people they want to taper up from 0.5mg at first and land somewhere between 1.5-3mg nightly. Add DLPA in the morning for bonus endorphin production and it indeed will help with most anything holding you back from socializing.

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