Similar to past questions, but slightly more specific: Seeking opinions/information on nootropics or stacks for the poor "executive functioning" that comes with ADD. I'm an adult now and most of the hyperactivity component has gone away. The impulsiveness is very mild.

My trouble is with focus and accompanying "executive function" issues like: constantly constantly being late, missing deadlines, misplacing things, realizing I'm running on fumes, getting sidetracked on FB for an entire day during finals week, poor sense of time and organization.

I was told Adderall would specifically address those, but it only helped me feel "well-being" and mental power to keep studying (but not necessarily focus) and also anxiousness. Doc wants to try either Vyvance or Ritalin next...but I'd prefer something not as stimulating (I've heard maybe Amantadine, Bupropion, Strattera, or Modafinil....but also nootripics)?

Any suggestions? Or paths to follow?
Same here, pretty much everything you said applies to me as well. I have used ritalin, did help me focus, also triggered fear and feeling a bit paranoid. And also have insomnia and ritalin made it worse. I'm on a mild anti depressant now, sleep well, feel ok, did gain some weight but, doesn't do a thing for focus. A lot of people who have ADD but did not like the anxiousness of ritalin or other stimulants do well on wellbutrin. Might be worth a try. It does help with focus but minus the anxiety and kind of rushed feeling.
I hated Ritalin, didn't like Aderall, but I took it to when necessary like doing papers and studying for tests in college. My brother-n-law used Aderall for years but recently started using Vivance and loves it. Modafanil he said did nothing for him but make it hard to sleep at night. I am very happy with Modafanil. Occasionally it will increase impulsiveness but for the most part it dials me in without the addictiveness and side effects of Aderall
In my experience, Modafinil wakes up and "energizes" but it does not lead to self directed/goal oriented behavior. Having ADHD myself this is what I've found works in the "get things done" departament:

* Semax and variants.
* Bromantane (Consistent use, 25-100 mg)
* Pyritinol -Quite impressive for a vitamin B derivative. It took me a while because you don't feel a blast of energy unless you're incredibly sensitive and self aware. But, after a few weeks of use it's pretty clear that executive function is up. There's some anxiety that goes away with exercise. Top ADHD Noot for me. )
* Intranasal insulin.
* Phenylpiracetam.
* Good ol' caffeine. In a pill. 200 mg first thing in the morning and you get rid of the eternal struggle to wake up. Set an alarm, take your caffeine and go back to sleep. In 10-15 minutes you'll be up and running.
* Clonidine. An endocrinologist prescribed this to me for enhancing height as a teen and it improved a lot my executive function. Turns out it's an Alpha-2 agonist receptor in the prefrontal cortex. Seems like it depressed me. Maybe I'll repeat the experiment.
* Bupropion. It helps, but also kills creativity and some aspects of memory and cheerfulness. Total deal breaker unless impairment is so severe you're better off being productive.
* Oral Selegiline 1.25 mg/ day. * Massive productivity boost, but I became an evil robot. The experience helped me realize that I wanted to be productive and high functioning to be happier. Thus, it was pointless to get those qualities at the cost of hating the world and everyone in it.*
* Piracetam. Subtle, but I did become much more goal oriented.
* Fasoracetam (50-100 mg daily).

Final recommendations:

1. Check for food intolerances by eating failsafe. My ADHD symptoms are mostly food related. Noots can only control damage If I eat the wrong stuff. This is not you usual "eat healthy" advice. Some of my health food were actually making me sick and scattered : soy, spinach, tomato, lime and lemon, watermelon, olives, APPLES... The list is long and depressing. Damn salicylates!

2. Get training. We've all heard it, and it's true: pills don't teach skills. -But they sure help develop and master them!- Behavior therapy is your best bet. Once you've automatized certain habits they'll work in your favor. Even better than CBT I'd recommend ACT therapy, DBT or Behavioral Activation (BA).

As you can tell from this post, my hyper-focus stills kicks in. I probably should be doing the dishes instead of writing this. Or should I? We'll see. I hope you find this helpful and not overwhelming. Good luck!

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