Alright, Vision enhancing. I want a list of Nootropics you all have taken and know for certain enhanced vision. I'm very interested in what the cause of this could be. Anything from comsumption, to recpetor activity is welcomed!
I can speak from personal experience on that one. Low dose (less than .25g) dose cause visual enhancement without noticeable psychedelic effects.

Piracatam is still the best for everyday use. big words,better sight and more clear vision, faster thinking. it was cheap idk the price now. the huge doses are worth it esp if you have some nicotine


Psilocybin improves visual acuity considerably in low doses. I couldn't recommend anything more effective.


Bilberry extract definitely worked with me. Not a huge vision problem for me to start with though, but I had some huge stress last year and when my blood pressure was elevated, my eyesight was noticeably less sharp. After taking bilberry it went back to sharp as ever.


Coluracetam gives most a sort of HD vision akin to a Photoshop filter. Aniracetam may give beautiful color saturation. Noopept gives some more vivid colors. Also, it gives a few awareness, or so i remember reading. The guy was sitting in a bus thinking about everything in a very detailed manner.


Bilberry and carotenoids can help protect vision but don't improve immediate vision.


The only way to say is by introspection (not very reliable source), but what I can say is that since I am taking Noopept, colors are considerably brighter.


 I dont want to know if people with normal vision have now a rainbow or a megapixel printed image on their retinas. I wanna know if people with bad vision as blurry or difficult to focus on one point kind of vision, have met improvements with any drugs. Thabks


 Coluracetam repairs damage on the Optic nerve, as well as increasing image processing in the brain. It may result in better vision.


Of your vision is blurred then you most likely need glasses. Supplements can help a little especially in preventing worsening eye aging damage. Especially Antioxidants. Alpha Lipoic Acid, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Turmeric, Lycopene....Bilberry, Vitamin A, hydration


id like to recommend that you try blue lotus flower. enhances vision through more than one pathway. it is also anti-inflamatory, anti-histamine, antianxiety, non-addictive and anti-addictive. reduces seizure intensity, duration, # of occurences. it acts on multiple dopamine receptors serotonin receptors and gaba too.

Blue Lotus as a one item multifacetted treatment. 

I have no reference to its use with HPPD but my intuition is that this will actually help you and can not hurt you. I would like to confirm what it does do for you. there are plenty of places to get it but I would be offended if you had to pay more than $10 an ounce. dont mix it with alochol but do have it as tea or smoke it. preferably as tea.

Seperately, I am inclined to recommend Inositol/IP-6 with brahmi, pink peoni, and lots of liquid magnesium chloride - not in your eyes but certainly lots on front of your neck for the artery up to your brain and your thyroid, can be on top of your skull too and certainly nack of neck. I would be inclined to expect that to regenerate a crushed eyeball. Pink Peoni has been used for the purpose all on its own but hey all systems are multifactoral and it helps to have the support chemistry along with it. you can add lions mane to that tooo. ;^) definitely include the turmeric in on that.

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