Which nootropics would help heal the brain from chronic cocaine use --clean now but my brain is fried--constant brain fog, extreme fatigue, depression and lack of motivation and focus -- recently lost my job due to my performance went downhill over the last year (and a bully for a boss). Please help and please dont judge me for my past...I need support! Thanks!
Don't underestimate how much better a walk or light jog can do for your fatigue and depression. Try to focus on protein and complex carbs, in addition to a multivitamin. Try not to use sleep aids and if that means lowering caffeine intake, take the time while you don't have to go into the office to wean yourself. Chart your progress in weeks and months. Not days. You've got this.
Considering that it results in high blood pressure and vasoconstriction, I would be going straight for the CoQ10; Gotu Kola as a follow up could help improve sleep and also has antioxidants that improve memory as well as skin and even stabilising cholesterol.
My recommendation:
Raekwon nailed it with the Lions Mane - and I would add Phosphatidylserine with DMAE as neuroprotectives

Research Sulbutiamine - it will help your body synthesize B1 and should alleviate a lot of fatigue

Magnesium Glycinate, L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine will help alleviate stress if you need it.

Low carbs, avoid the caffeine.
A choline source might help with the brain fog if there was also alcohol involved - many protein powders have a decent amino acid profile (especially those that contain tryptophan) as well which provide the building blocks to restore neurotransmitter levels
Diet and exercise is the first and most important step. You'd be surprised how much of a difference those 2 alone will make.

Problem is you're already looking to supplement the core issue here. The human mind is constantly seeking progress. Many experts actually consider progression at the core of ones happiness. Get healthy, in shape, and start chasing new opportunities asap. That's where your gonna find your results and happiness.
First off congrats and dealing with the addiction!

Second off congrats on wanting to improve your health and yourself!!

This is one of those times where I would recommend a really, really, good doctor. One who will run the extra battery if tests (I know one in NYC and LA). Usually these are DO's, not just MD's.

My doctor for example found several things that other doctors simply missed all these years. Also diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue. Since I've been on the supplement regimen proscribed I've been feeling better than I ever have.

Get the 'obvious' out of the way and it will make the rest easier.

Just my two cents.
Sleep, exercise, and diet will get you furthest. Also counseling. if you are depressed, a psychiatrist can prescribe appropriate medication. I would say start there. Most important is to learn to experience your life the way it is now, yourself how you are, and realize that is alright. If you're tired, it's okay, you don't have to perform for anyone. You will need time for your brain to recover.
Also look into playing "dual n-back" and play chess or learn to play chess online. You need to create some new neural pathways. Meditation and sleep are both invaluable for brain healing. Also on the subject of sleep, don't take l-theanine after dark, as it will keep your brain in the alpha wavelength when you need delta most. Only use compounds that promote or at least do not interfere with delta "SWS" sleep. It is more beneficial than REM sleep (although you need both) and if you are having trouble sleeping deeply and feeling rested after sleep, you should try melatonin and l-tryptophan.
I would think that you will have altered baselines now on most of your major hormones (thyroid, cortisol, GABA, glycine, sex hormones). You may have poor insulin sensitivity and sub-par sleep quality too.

I would begin at the beginning and make one change at a time. Here is a quick list of where one might start:
Probiotics - 'heal' the gut and get it more optimal at digestion
Omega 3 - 5000-10000mg per day.
Phosphadatic acids, to restore neuronal cell fluidity.
co-Q10 - 500mg per day to improve mitochondrial function
Get genetically tested to see what specific vits and mins you are deficient in.

OK would type more but at least you have something to think about.

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