Are there any nootropics / supplements / stack that make you happy?

Kratom, catuaba, black seed oil with lots of cinnammon, rhodiola rhosea, Kava Kava.... I could go on


Kratom. Helped a lot my mood swings and boredom. Then a plethora of other herbs or supplements, with good activities ( doing a job you hate doesnt help ), good sex, good sleep and taking care but not pushing too much pressure.


Tianeptine. Bromantane Kratom is amazing also. Id choose it over anything else if you can handle stopping it (its only very slightly addictive sort of like caffeine IMO)


Wim Hoff breathing exercises, I do them 3-5 times a day and it helps make me feel happier quite quickly and gets rid of my depression and anxiety. Research him and look for his breathing exercises. He has used this technique to gain 26 world records, it works. Scientists have proven this and he works side by side with scientists.


If you search happiness.... you won't find it.....

Happiness comes with gratitude....

Let the gratefulness overflow in to blessing all around you.

If you want something "to take" than take this in to consideration


Tongkat Ali. Aniracetam. DL-Phenylalanine. N-Acetyl-Tyrosine. Ashwaghanda. CDP-Choline. That stack should fix just about everything.

Good luck.


 Have you tried Kratom? It is definitely the happiness herb. It takes effect within 15 minutes and it gives you an overall sense of well-being and also a strange motivation to get your life in order. It makes you want to work harder for longer because you're just in such a good mood. And amazingly enough it's just a leaf 


Can you run? If you can get up to running like 3-6 miles in the morning it would be amazing. Also, join a Meetup group that hikes or something that looks interesting. Learn the guitar. Hand out socks to homeless. Start swimming 100 laps per day.


 would suggest finding root cause of unhappiness. Why live ur life in a medicated bubble chasing tge dragon with pill after pill of mood enhancers. Cuz then when i dont have them ur gonna hit a sevre depression which could lead to sucidal thoughts or actions


I would def try kratom (a green vein for mood boosts, white vein for energy, or red vein for pain & insomnia relief) 

IMO its much better for every day use than Phenibut or Tianeptine


Kratom is the most amazing HERBAL TEA I have ever enjoyed. Sad that big pharma is trying their hardest to snuff it out! Killing their profits. Approximately 5.5 million Americans have successfully gotten off all Rx meds with it. Thats enough to make congress jump in to stop it. Which they are doing right now. Just a matter of time that our corrupt government kills Kratom, and forces all those people back onto those addictive pharmaceutical poisons!


 I'm trying Aniracetam, adrafinil, phenibut, noopept expect the phenibut to be the most drug like. I love kratom too though it's not too expensive for me and I'm on disability.


I know everybody wants a pill, but truly happiness comes from coming into balance with nature. I recommend reading the book Body Thrive. Focus on changing your daily habits along with these plant and chemical allies.


This question really depends on where you live. Some things that are mere supplements sold over the counter in some places are illegal drugs in others. I'm in California where you can walk into any dispensary and buy marijuana. Even possessing it in a sufficient amount in Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore can get you life in prison or the death penalty.

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