Is there a difference in having noots in powder form vs capsuled? or liquid
Capsules (most of the time) are designed to help stop the breakdown of what you're ingesting (help me out on this one guys) so once it gets past your stomach and to your intestines it can cross over into your bloodstream? I learnt recently through experience, and others experiencies from reddit, some are sublingual meaning you place right under your tongue and it gets absorbed without breaking down the quality, others you can just swallow. Liquid...sometimes you can get nasal solutions or to spray under your tongue. If a company has given you more than one choice then it comes down to you...think about it, if you start taking noots on a regular basis and like some of us who use scales, it might not look acceptable in public where as pulling out an old multi vitamin container with capsules in it is smartly deceiving. My stack is simple and fits my budget so everyone on here has a different stack for what they want to achieve. I have a preworkout called 212and add centrophenoxine with it, I find it great for critical thinking, focus and motivation

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