Any noots, herbs, peptides out there that will mix well with alcohol?
Blue lotus. I like taking 3.5-4 grams of 100x blue lotus extract with a rum and Coke, about 2 shots worth of rum. A little bit of a green strain of Kratom and some beer gives an extra social kick to it but don't drink to much with Kratom or take to much Kratom wuth drinking or you'll regret it.
III Some RCs like eti and clon depending on your tolerance but Moda is good too
Piracetam and other racetams among nootropics will go particularly well with alcohol. The reason being is that you feel hammered, your inhibitions lower, but piracetam power to increase verbal fluency and mental clarity still prevalant. I dont advice theanine and alcohol, strangely and against intuition cuts effect. Also stims are not really that good because you need to drink more to feel same effect, of course can be interesting being highly energetic and a bit drunk. Just not good needing to drink 2x more, then higher hungover. eheh
I have tried many with alcohol accidental and on purpose and don't remember any particular synergies besides the racetams, maybe the chinese herbs are a good thing, if you like to be more horny and sexually active like Tongka Ali, Horny Goat Weed, etc and make your lady happy.
One last thing Baclofen is sweet with alcohol you feel pretty fucked up, its an analogue of GABA like Phenibut.
benzos and lyrica, both in large doses... keep in mind what may be a regular thing for me, might be your first and last. i dont really advise people to try out my bad habits.
benzos and mid strength beer are a really good way to cut down from a bottle of gin a day to reasonable amounts.

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