NSI-189, first impressions. "The good, the bad and the ugly." (One week in)
The good: Intense positive emotions, elevated mood, increased verbal fluency, better focus - I noticed for the first time in a while playing piano pieces with zero errors- increased interest for novelty, feeling much more social and outgoing, increased cheerfulness, playfulness and humor, MUCH more creative thought, flashes of insight and AHA! moments, waves of contentment and inner peace, rediscovering aspects of old experiences, the world appears in to be in HD. Stacks well with  Noopept  and even low dose modafinil (50 mg), decreased caffeine tolerance.
The bad:  
Intense negative emotions. (Self-control and acceptance skills are a must)  
Tastes horrible, takes years to dissolve sublingually if at all.  
Anxiety -very manageable-.
Increased thirst, dry mouth.
Random highly emotional memories. -This I've found therapeutic but it's not pleasant at all-  
The ugly: Nightmares. -Fictional content creates a huge mental impression and I tend to dream about feared situations or events. However, there is a certain detachment from the horrors of my dreams and by the time they end I get the feeling of a "lesson" being learned and a deep sense of peace.-
I find this chemical very similar to Cerebrolysin but softer and lacking the extreme wellbeing it can deliver. I've decided to continue the cycle and keep noticing. Any experiences with NSI-189 will be most appreciated!!  
I'm in a deliema. Works been stressful and working alot of overtime. I started taking nsi-189 and it made me hyperemotional. I've also read people with OCD shouldn't take it. I tend to over analyze things. I tried to start the ensam patch but it causes insomnia. I don't know what direction to go I work nights in a factory where supervisors are watching the shit out of people and trying to get rid of the so called 'trouble makers' out of there. I have cats claw and NAC , l theanine , semax selank, and p21. I don't know what I should use before work to be clear headed. I know some have mentioned Kratom, or Orexin and Semax. Kratom has made me foggy headed in the past so I'm afraid to try that also don't need to look to out of it as well. They have been watching for people that could be under the influence of substances.

NSI 189 does help memory, but in an odd way for me. Number recall may be slightly improved, same with short term memory, but the real recall is of things that were said or happened long ago. It just is a lot easier to pull those memories up than it was previously. I assume if this is common that it could be of great benefit to people in therapy who need to revisit things from the past.

I find NSI 189 great, it's definitely got antidepressant effect, has reduced my social anxiety, and ptsd symptoms. I laugh and joke a lot more. I find myself able to talk to absolute strangers and afterwards thinking how did I do that.

Improved mood, stabilized mood, overall better feeling, body aches and pains gone and so are any thermoregulation issues I was having.

More to the point of nootropics, I believe my sight/vision is sharper and catches more movements. Motivation is somewhat raised. Overall, I feel less foggy.

It seems to partner well with others, I have used it with quite a few things without any poor reactions.

I'll be purchasing 100g of it soon if that helps to tell you how helpful I have found this.


NSI is pretty strong on its own. Or can be. It takes just a few days to come in effect. Remember to start low (~20mg) and see how it goes for a few days, before upping the dosage. Too much is too much, and can have negative effects. Always seek the sweet spot.

As for effects, it feels like sunshine right in the middle of your brain.


I noticed an overall improvement in mood, I have definitely been less irritable and haven't had major shifts in mood, which is a welcome change. I also have felt that I am getting more done.

I currently run 25mg 2x a day, so lower than the amount used in the documentation, but I'm thus far a believer in NSI-189.


I had really bad anxiety throughout the day, but also took 400mg of SAMe and 1G of Oxiracetam. I cut out the SAMe and Oxi today and I'm not having the same problems as yesterday, so I'm wondering if one of those was the culprit when mixed with NSI-189, at least in my case.

Today, so far has been pretty good, so I'm hoping that I just had a minor adjustment period to a new substance.

'd also add I was in a brain fog and more lethargic yesterday, which also seems to have subsided today. I'll probably do a few days without anything else added and then see what I can add and if it causes me any issues or not.


Just a warning. NSI-189 is nearing the end of its Phase II FDA approval stage, which is why I am loading up on Neuralstem stock.It just picked up two analyst buy ratings and had a cash infusion from some heavy-hitter mutual funds. This year and the next might be the last chance you'll be able to get your hands on it, as Neuralstem's lawyers have been up and ready suing suppliers like wild and aggressively enforcing their patent. Once it gets a brand name and becomes scheduled, it will be nearly impossible to find a supplier until a decade or so later when generics are finally allowed onto the market.


Had longterm mental gains from nsi 189 myself. But please, watch out for pain symptoms and/or paresthesia. Unfortunately, that was why my 5 month cycle had to conclude. Otherwise I would have taken it every day for the rest of my life. Great compound. I hope drugs with a similar MoA are developed in the future.


NSI-189 Changed my life!

a few months back I was struggling with major depressive disorder, I was ready to fucking kark it to be honest, morning and evening rituals of throwing a cocktail of meds prescribed to me by a doctor just to stay afloat. I've been on so many, moclobemide, nortriptyline even lithium. None of them seemed to even slow down my feelings of avolition. as the last whim, I turned to the nootropics front to see if any of them alone would help me in my position, I shit you not before trying NSI-189 I was seriously considering Chlorox instead. Immediate effects of 50mg BID began to bring along this calming effect, which was and is still much loved by myself on this substance. I feel like I have HD vision and no brain fog like I did before. About 21-28 days in, all of my inhibitions and depression were non-existent, which is amazing, this I can only contribute to the refractory period of cell turnover in the brain. Still to this day NSI-189 has become a ritual for me to use and love, all the while encouraging me to achieve more in everyday life. So it makes me wonder? why the fuck is this not a prescription medication to be used to treat others? That answer came from my psychiatrist, who was amazed at my results! Big Pharma is in bed with both the TGA and the PBS here, with their primary goal to treat illnesses and not so much cure them, curing a person alleviates them as a repeat customer, and it more and moreso seems that the medical industry, not just in Australia, but worldwide, is being run and treated as a business, rather than an aid to humanity. Many drugs will never see the light of day thanks to big pharma and their fixation on capitalism.

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