does anybody else's OCD worsen when taking modafinil, or/and the days proceeding usage?

 Yeah I'm more of a neat freak on modafinil than off it if something is out of place I notice it and it drives me nuts


Doesnt get me that bad but i find if I've been putting off cleaning my room or something il just chuck some music on and get to it instead of saying I'll do it tomorrow lol


 If it increases glutamate signaling (NMDA especially) and/or norepinephrine, then it could easily worsen OCD


Interestingly, other stimulants at high enough doses and coupled with an SSRI decrease OCD. I did some research - that eludes me now- based on the premise that the more pre-frontal power, more strenght to inhibit impulses and expose to them. There are many studies, here's one:


I find Piracetam countering the jittery feeling accompanying the mod dosage. Depends on your mod dosage how much Piracetam you should pop

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