How I FIXED MY SLEEP with Nootropics


How I FIXED MY SLEEP with Nootropics -and some supplements-. (Don't hate me Seth) Background: I've slept terribly since I was a baby. I went to all kinds of doctors, got two surgeries but nothing seemed to help. People didn't believe me and I was starting to doubt myself.

Modafinil nicotine experience

100mg Modafinil + 2x 0.8mg nicotine cigarettes after almost a year. The focus & clarity is way too awesome! I don't want to continue smoking for obvious reasons. What're the pros & cons of nicotine as a study aid?

Taking Modafinil with Abilify

I just got diagnosed today with Narcolepsy after almost 20 years of symptoms of narcolepsy with cataplexy. I cried when I got the phone call from the doctor's office with the sleep study results because I was so relieved. I also have fibro, ptsd, and bipolar disorder. My doc wants to start me on modafinil 2x a day ASAP but it may interact with my Abilify med. I'll know tomorrow. If you have a mental illness, did it get better with N treatment?

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