PHENIBUT. I've read almost everything about the stuff, I have 30 grams, and I am going to try it. Tomorrow, in fact. I am tall (6'4" or 193 cm) and weigh 270 lbs. (123 kilos.) My job can be strenuous. I plan however to take a small dose in the morning, before work, on an empty belly and not eat until the afty. My question is, how much should I take at first? It's BlueBrainBoost Pheni HCL. Was thinking 250 mg? Do I redose after 3 hours if no effect? Have read so much conflicting info. This is definitely one of the most talked about and controversial legal compounds talked about in this group. Could use a little guidance if anyone has any thoughts.
Phenibut is indeed to be respected, it does really depend on individual response to it. I started low(ish) but after a few trials I found that i really dont get any noticeable effects untill roughly 2000mg (im 6'1" ish and 80kg). I cant suggest taking this much (2g) without trialling lower amounts before hand, and would just advise you to be careful taking it before work. Overdoing phenibut can be a nightmare. As for re dosing, its a little bit tricky because of its long onset time, best to look around for that one and adjust it to your own sensitivity to it.
1 gram for anxiety, 3 grams after stressed, exam/bad day when you will have free next day, IT START WORKING AFTER 5 HOURS of moment you take it. Dont take low doses everyday because you will get tolerance and it will stop working. Dont take it everyday for months because psychical addiction.
just get fasoracetam it significantly reduces tolerance and can be used infinitely for reducing tolerance so if you go overboard you can get use it. relax. it's not that crazy unless you go like 10g or some shit (phenibut is not that crazy @ 10g*)
You can take 400-600 mg a day, without drawback. But after some days of use it wont work as good.
Best i have tried is ashwagandha. It kills my anxiety. I use Phenibut in the weekends for music and pleasure
250 and under is for actual nootropic purposes! Like if you're a Russian astronaut going on a spacewalk. 500 and over is for social effects, and at 1g it's totally recreational, Once you go to sleep you'll sleep super deep and for many hours, but you probably wont want to go to sleep until very late because everything is so interesting and you're having so much fun. Great conversations, definitely some "social motivation"/reward effect – interested to see what specific pharmacodynamics cause this.
You can mini-dose (under 500 mg) every day and experience little effects of tolerance. You won't become dependent at those levels either, especially if you take a small amount of fasoracetam intermittently. The downside is you won't really get the benefits at mini-dose levels. Especially if you weigh more than 200 lbs. Phenibut isn't meant to be taken every day. Take a normal dose (your "sweet spot" dose) every other day instead. During "off" days take 5 mg fasoracetam to reduce effects of tolerance, withdrawals, and dependence completely. This is a widely accepted max frequency of use.

 I use it as an occasional sleep aid or as a relaxant to calm nerves before an interview. You have to know your ideal dose first however. Don't make your first time taking it be a few hours before an interview. If you take too much, you might fall asleep during the thing. If you take too little, you won't see the benefit. It helps to do a trial run on the days you have off.


500 mg is the suggested dose, but it took me about 1g and I was good. 1-1.5 mg is still just about right for me. And yes, be careful, it can become physically addictive.

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