Mind blown! Reading this morning and finding out that Phenibut and gabapentin cause euphoria and have a high abuse potential profile!! Anyone ever gotten high on these or heard of it happening to someone? Adderall? 
I don't seem to be able to get euphoria from anything. Not that I want to... I am just so surprised to find this out and subsequently dying of curiosity in regards to pwn. TIA!

I don't know about Phenibut or gabapentin you mention... There was a time period where I was really struggling and I was taking Much more than recommended doses of Adderall. Personally, I never felt "euphoric" during those times. If anything, I felt like I was going mad, lol.  I can recall feeling euphoric only a handful of times during my entire life. I would do anything, (short of negative abuse), to feel euphoric more often. Sometimes I wonder if I prevent myself from feeling good... Even when I've taken recreational enhancers I have a hard time "letting the good times roll." ....sorry Christy for going off topic. Your post triggered my thoughts to explore what is standing in the way of euphoria... Thanks for the post!


The only euphoria I've ever felt was this weird "out of body" experience I had while running 30 miles in the desert to celebrate my birthday.


There's a theory that PWNs are (fortunately? Unfortunate?) resistant to addiction. It's related to the hypocretin theory. Hypocretin is thought to be some sort of positive reinforcement neurotransmitter that is released to promote pleasure seeking behavior critical for life: eating, sex, happiness, etc. addiction is thought to be a product of an overactive hypocretin and dopamine axis. Well - we are thought to be deficient in both. All our meds are HUGELY prone to abuse, yet we simply use them at normal, therapeutic levels. We can't get high off them and if we try we are likely to collapse or feel strange (David's out of body experience). 

I have always been able to stop opiates, cigarettes, alcohol, anything cold turkey without any hesitation - yet another super power of the PWN!!


 I take 1200 mg of gabapentin a day and no euphoria. I too have never felt the "joy" of many prescriptions that others get. But I also have a very high tolerance for everything, which sucks.


Must be the odd one out. Went to rehab for my first time when I was 14. Struggled with cocaine, pills, mostly stimulants. I quit smoking 3 different times (6 months, 18 months, 5+ years) before it finally took this last time. It was really hard to quit, but I have no desire to smoke cigarettes ever again. Looking back my doc thinks I was just self medicating bc I was so tired. 13 years sober. I've taken gabapentin in the past and didn't notice anything good or bad.


i personally have never used gabapentin but i do know of someone who's abused it before. my bf has a friend who's used phenibut. i think he used it b/c he was going through opiate withdrawls..


Both myself and my aunt are on gabapentin. She gets the euphoria and I do not. So,YMMV?

My aunt describes it as a feeling like she, "couldn't give two shits about anything in the world. Nothing bothers me at all."


NEURONTIN (GABAPENTIN Neurontin is prescribed to treat seizures and nerve pain. It is sometimes used to treat restless leg syndrome, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, sleeplessness, and migraines. Neurontin has the potential for abuse. EFFECTS ON MIND AND BODY For some, Neurontin causes a manic euphoria with high energy and excited mood. For others it will cause sleepy, dreamy euphoria. Anxiety, strange thoughts, unwanted eye movement and memory problems may also be signs of use. While not fully studied, it appears to be addictive and patients who use it over periods of time have difficulty getting off of it.


While on gabapentin, it’s always good to be around others, listening to music and just doing something creative. I’ve walked for almost 8 hours straight around my campus just because I could and it was the middle of the night. I love to play bass guitar or play a solid video game to see how my skills are greatly increased while “rocking” the gaba, as me and my friends have come to call this wonderful euphoria. 


A buzz is nice but id rather just take a small amount of something that works really well. I dont want to put 2 grams into my body. I just wish the 750mg recommended dose had an effect on me. It doesnt seem to do anything. I read coffee might help because the acidity could break it down more but seems the stomach would be plenty acidic


At a street party I once took 8 grams pheni with 2x10mg valiums and drank beer and a few tokes of a spliff later in the night... I also picked up a super cute young girl who happened to live on my street but had never seen her before... Definitely had euphoria and buzz, try that perhaps.

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