Anyone ever puke feel nauseous and puke on Phenibut?
I've been doing Phenibut 1-2 times a week for the past year with no issues. Today was the first time I puked on it.
Normal dose for me, 1.5g's. I noticed I felt pretty nauseous by the end of my work day today (5 hours in to Phenibut). While driving I had to stop on the side of the road to puke. It was horrible.
Wondering if it has anything to do with my mixing with Tianeptine. I've always done this and I don't see why it would suddenly be an issue, who knows.
100% and what was your tianeptine dosage.. Both of those can cause nausea on their own let alone mixed together
So the reason opiates and gabaergics shouldnt be combines is becausenof respiratory depression.. Since tianeptine is technicslly a stimulant not an opiate ... Ecen tho it has mu activity it doesnt cause respiratory depression... So its relatively safer than s true opiate .. But not entirely... Mixing substances always has it risks
The main reason phenibut may make you nauseated would be because of dehydration. It's like a salt, so it will imbalance your electrolytes some, too as your kidneys work hard to flush it out. I've heard that higher doses can mess with fat absorption and cholesterol synthesis in the liver, which could possibly result in a negative effect on fatty tissues, ie: the brain.
Well depending on the dose... Anything that crosses thr blood brsin barrier has the potential to make you nauseous... Once the receptors in your brain are saturated and there is overflow alot of the time you body can react to the overflow like sn overdose and want to eject anything that is left in your stomach awaiting absorbtion to prevent overdose.. Even tho overdose for phenibut is un heard of your brain has a built in reflux to try and rid your body of sny substances that could cause harm

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