What is your review of phenibut?

It actually acts on the alcohol receptors not the benzo receptors. Both reduce anxiety. Phenibut just made me feel slightly stoned and half my limit of alcohol buzz


tried it a few times.. felt great while it worked then left insanely irritable for a couple days afterwards. wouldn't touch it again and wouldn't recommend it.


Phenibut was key in engineering a base line normal to drinking alcohol for me. I have not used it in forever...but after using it for a few months and weaning off...my brain is happy with a quarter to half the alcohol I used to drink. I'm thankful for that...but that doesn't mean I use it just because I have access to it.


I really liked phenibut, it's not something I would do everyday, but it's a nice feeling. Be ready to sleep like a motherfucker. In my opinion, if you have addictive tendencies, you might want to stay away from this one.


I took some phenibut, 750 mg I think with a cup of strong coffee. Then about half an hour later I had 500 mg of L-Tyrosine and 1000mg of fish oil for good measure.To cut a long story shorter, the job thing was a bit of a non event. Me and the other girl were in good time, but they didn't seem to know what was going on or how long it would take, so we ended up getting applications to fill in. Also, there were pink balloons, so we went for a coffee and had a good convo.. Then I went for an amazing walk, through a graveyard I haven't been to for 25 yrs, past a nightclub I hadn't seen in daylight, found a park I never knew existed, bought a crystal like the one I dreamt about the night before from a witchy shop and tomato plants from a charity shop. When I got home I did some guerrilla gardening near my flat . All in all it's been a really good day, although not what I expected. I think the most noticeable thing was how easy it was to navigate the city. I'm usually pretty rubbish at that.


Phenibut may be on the top of my list, but the potential for a abuse. Even when starting extremely carefully took me off guard and I would probably haveing a joy /despair moment. If that were to come. Though against my best judgment I would stock up and do everything in my power is stay safe. A few more tianepitine, selank, semax, memantine (though that's technically a rx)


always good for me. its easy to want to have it everyday because its so much better with it but i use it on days when i know could be stressful or i want to just relax and enjoy the situation.


 I have ptsd and insomnia myself, I know how nice it is to get sleep and phenibut is a godsend for that. But as you can get the sleep benefit from a much lower dosage. I personally use it in conjuntion with valerian root and glycine. I tried a higher dose once. Just once. Never again. But I have already had seritonin syndrome once from a doctor misprescribing something so it may affect me completely different at a higher dose.


 I take 1g 3x a week (Mon,Wed,Fri only) in the mornings with coffee. It has done wonders for my severe anxiety and moods in general. I wish I'd found this nootropic sooner, it has really been a life saver IMHO. Highly recommend it just definitely use sparingly, tolerance is indeed a thing with this substance.

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