Phenibut or baclofen? Love the mood and energy I get from the phenibutbut can't take it too often. Anyone use the baclofen regularly? How often and at what dose?
Baclofen allegedly can create an indifference to alcohol.Phenibut, baclofen, and gabapentin are very similar. All three are derivitives of the GABA molecule, gabapentin works only through blocking voltage gated calcium channels and baclofen is a gaba b agonist. Phenibut is a bit of both.Baclofen allegedly has less of a tolerance build-up than Phenibut.
Lethargic as hell on baclofen but I love it for relaxing or socializing. 20mg worked for me. Prefer phenibut every 4 days over daily baclofen though.
And less of an addiction potential.... Baclofen is an alternative treatment for alcoholism... Used to have s prescription for it and it never made me Lethargic i got decent energy from it.. However i neber got a high like phenibut from it. And i would stay away from gabapentin or pregabalin... It literally fries yoir brain... Prevents new synapses from forming and destroys old ones... Affer my accident i was put of it for nerve pain.. And i had s brsin injury with bleeds in my brain... Going to the brain association my status was worseninf instead of getting better... All due to pregabalin... Which is a new and improved/ more potent gabaoentin formula
Baclofen is better, but requires a prescription in the US, so if you are concerned with legal issues use Phenibut. Unless you have a prescription. And Phenibut is more readily available, so you could save money.
Baclofen is a schedule 5. No prescription necessary to have on your person. Schedule 5 means a prescription is recommended not required. Pure powder baclofen is available if you know where to look and much cheaper.

I just recently bought some and started experimenting. Its pharmacology is most similar to baclofen (near identical I believe, except the dosage for phenibut is much higher) and also similar to Xyrem (phenibut is a gaba-b agonist with a long duration of effect).

I have noticed: It is much easier to fall asleep fast. Also it seems way easier to wake up, get up and get moving with energy. I have been taking 1.5-2 grams in the evening (since it takes 2-3 hours to really kick in) and it doesn't seem to suppress REM because I dream a ton and the dreams are enhanced.... but despite that I am able to fall asleep very fast and then wake up just a few hours later and get up and get going.It reminds me of baclofen years ago. Near identical effect.... I will warn people that baclofen and phenibut are pretty addictive if you take them everyday. Its a good idea to stock up if you do try to experiment so you don't run out and experience a withdrawal. I was dependent on baclofen over a decade ago and used phenibut when I ran out (and to taper off) and it really seems like the same drug effect wise. Phenibut is widely available pretty much all over the internet, and prices have come way down since years ago when I first tried it. Not sure if i'm going to take it daily, possibly not a good idea but I will experiment more. I like being able to lay down and pass out fast, and then get up when I want to get up with some energy. It seems to make transitioning from sleep/awake/sleep/etc easier like I have more control which is very nice.. Usually its very hard to get up. Phenibut is not "weak" like most supplements, it is just as hardcore as baclofen so if you experiment keep that in mind it is a "full complete drug" and not just some weak vitamin or useless supplement. Thought I would share this since people sometimes have a hard time getting balcofen and this is widely available. 


From wikipedia: "Phenibut is a derivative of GABA with a phenyl group in the β-position. It is a chiral molecule and thus has two potential configurations, as (R)- and (S)-enantiomers.[14] It has almost the same structure as baclofen (lacking only a chlorine atom in the para-position of the phenyl group)[4] and contains phenethylamine in its structure.[1] Pregabalin has a structure similar to phenibut, in which the phenyl group is substituted with an isobutyl group."

I did not know it was that closely related to Baclofen... Baclofen is basically 4-chloro-phenibut. I'm surprised I haven't seen anybody else mention it on here. I'm not sure how they get away with selling it but its been sold openly for over a decade and its much more widely available now. Same type of places that sell L-Citrulline type supplements have Phenibut

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