How does the big guns like phenylpiracetam,adrafinil and noopept make a stack ?
I do almost same stack no problem. Except I use 900 mg adrafinil, 200 mg Phenylpiracetam and 10 mg sunifiram instead of noopept. I eat a breakfast with egg and spinach omelette (plus sausage bacon etc) Then take the stack 30 minutes later. The eggs and spinach provide plenty of choline for the stack. I only use this stack a couple times a week due to rapid tolerance build up to phenylpiracetam. Sunifiram has gotten a bad reputation due to companies selling impure product, I still have product bought from New star that had a strange smell and taste that gave strange side effects and not much else. Limitlesslifenootropics has best sunifiram I've had. I'll post picture of difference.
maybe i take noopept with adrafinil and phenyl with some choline.
First of all, whether or not you take a stack does not at all correlate or relate to how actually healthy is it for you. Oxycontin, Adderal and others, although heavily horrible for you, have actually been researched enough that you take 30 mg of oxycontin for leg pain. Everything has a legit dosage, and if we are here sitting here guessing the doses, then we are only helping promote the self harm of ourself through taking what we think is fine for us to take, just based on what other people said on reddit is fine, based on what 1 single science paper said that the "established" dose is about 500 mg for a normal dose. The established dose, especially for a nootropic is not something that has been sat there and found that it contains no bad side effects. By bad I mean permanent. Even temporary can sometimes lead to permanent. So be safe! :)

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