Tonight I tried adding a new component to my usual stack. My usual stack consists of 1600mg piracetam, 5mg fasoracetam, 5mg PRL-8-53, and 300mg phosphatidylcholine. To this I added 300mg of phenylpiracetam tonight and I'm feeling awesome. I feel hyper lucid, I can follow the plot on a television show (perhaps not coincidentally, I'm watching season 1, episode 15 of Limitless), while simultaneously composing this. I kind of went on the high side as far as dosage, I figured if I overshot the inverted U, I'd go through two peak periods, one on the upside and one on the downside. So far though, I'm about an hour into it and no brain fog, no headache, just unbelievable clarity. Not quite nzt but it's as close as anything I've ever tried to date and I've tried many things and combinations of things. Odds are good I won't be sleeping for a while but that's okay I've got a butt load of work to get done and if this state maintains for any substantial period of time, it will be easy. I am on Lyrica and Lyrica is overly sedating for me and also causes memory problems. That is why I'm taking PRL-8-53 daily. Before I was on Lyrica I took it no more often than every other day else it causes dreaming that was so intense it interfered with sleep, but 300mg of Lyrica and it just about cancel each other out in terms of memory, but even massive doses of caffeine did not counter the sedation, but the phenylpiracetam does. Now I feel almost like my pre-neuropathy normal self. I am a happy camper tonight, I hope this is sustainable. 

I have had issues with it in the past, more than ten years ago, but not recently. I was on Ritalin for quite some time, tried modafinil, nothing really worked. Overcame it primarily by forcing myself to read. At first I couldn't get through a paragraph but with time and persistence I was able to over come it. I was forced to do this when I went to prison and they took my Ritalin away. The first month was aweful, but overall I came out with a much better mental state than I went in with.
Also, I'm about two hours into my above experiment and so far still good clarity, no brain fog, but I am experiencing some mild intestinal cramping, nothing serious, just enough to know it's there, so perhaps I'll cut back to 200mg or so the next time around.
Another observation, I've had issues with anxiety in the past and anything stimulating often made it worse, even too much caffeine, yet, I am finding phenylpiracetam stimulating without significant anxiety, which is rather a nice experience.
Now about 3-1/2 hours into it, intestinal cramping, mild though it was, has resolved completely. Mental clarity and energy level is still exceptional. I do have a very mild headache so I'm going to take a second 300mg capsule of phosphatidylcholine. Hopefully it will resolve. If not, this should start to taper off in another 1-1/2 hours or so and it's hardly what you would call severe, very mild, not bad enough to dissuade me from repeating but I'll go with about 200mg next time and see if I still get the same level of mental clarity and energy. This stacks really well with fasoracetam. I've also got some coluracetam I've ordered that I am going to try stacking with faso. I've tried it alone before and not got a lot of benefit but I've read others have had good results stacking it with fasoracetam so that is an experiment I am going to try. I have been productive getting work done while simultaneously listening to some talk about aliens on youtube, well what they think are aliens. I am convinced the so-called "greys" are real but are not extraterrestrial in origin but rather from our future, or from the future in another time line that was identical to us except nobody came back into their past. Well that's a post for another group. I am a close encounters of the 4th kind (sort of, it was an invitation not an abduction) so I have an interest in these things.
The additional phosphatidylcholine resolved my mild headache in about 1/2 hour. It is not surprising to me that more was required given that I'm stacking three different racetams (piracetam, fasoracetam, and phenylpiracetam), plus PRL-8-53 all of which are going to use up more choline to make acetylcholine for memory formation and other mental functioning.
I am now about 4-3/4 hours into it and I am feeling a fairly rapid come down. Also while no anxiety during it's peak, I am feeling now both tired and slightly heightened anxiety at the same time. I am approaching my bedtime so timing is good. I am going to try splitting into two doses of 150mg each taken about 5 hours apart tomorrow. The 4-3/4 hours I've been on this stack has been highly productive. I was about two weeks behind in work, got about five days worth done in that period and I think the quality of work is a bit above average as well.
I decreased my dose to 250mg today from 300mg and still see same benefit but no intestinal cramping or headache thus far. I slept six hours which is the least I've slept for a long time but it was a good solid sleep not the wake up 58 times I usually do. A side benefit, I have diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Lyrica kills most of the burning pain but I've had some allodynia on my belly that it doesn't touch. The last two days I've taken phenylpiracetam, the allodynia has been gone. So I am wondering if the neuroprotective effect isn't just for the central nervous system but also benefits the peripheral nervous system. Yesterday afternoon / evening and today have been super productive. I feel like when you hit the speed button in Mario Kart, Zooooom!!!
Well, that's an intense testimonial.
My ADHD as really bad as well, I couldn't read a paragraph.
But I really wanted to change my lifestyle, so reading The 4 Hour Work Week was mandatory.
The way I did it was by listetning to the aurdiobook, and reading it at the same time. Two more books like that, and I could read without using the Audiobook. At the moment I'm listening more Audiobooks, than readning books, because I can convert the "useless time" I waste on transportation, menial tasks like cleaning and cooking into absorving knowledge from those books.

I guess phenylpiracetam has that issue. Gets you quite powered for a couple of hours and then it crashes.
I might add phosphatidylcholine to my stack.
My working memory is so poor, when opening a new tab, in that very same fraction of a second, I already forgot the website I was going to open...

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