Did you use generic Provigil? who used Modalert, Modvigil or Modafresh?
How did you find it? what is the difference between these drugs -  provigil vs generic modafinil?

I get minor headaches from the Modalert generic Modafinil now. I'm interested to see if I have that problem with the Brand Provigil. Never tried Modvigil or Modafresh but heard Modvigil is slightly weaker.


When I changed to the Modafresh version of Modafinil the first thing I noticed was getting headaches a few hours after taking the pill (the headache did go away after maybe a week)... The biggest thing is I do notice it seems not to last as well as the Provigil... Will be asking the Doctor if we can fight for Provigil


 Sun Pharma makes Modalert, Hab Pharma makes Modvigil, Sunrise Remedies makes Modafresh. They are exactly like the branded pill. It contains the exact same fillers. The only difference between generics is the "filler" or the stuff they use to deliver the drug to our stomachs. Those ingredients are likely what causes different results/reactions. By law, the generics must have the same medicine and amount as the branded version.


We have Modavigil in Australia.


There are many in America who swear one is different to the other. But they have EXACTLY the same chemicals in the same amounts. But one is seen as inferrior as its not brand name.  Best thing is to put them all in a bottle and shake it up. Take them all with the thought that it will work.We have much stricter conditions on things like meds and food here. So everything that is in a medication has to be listed. And then those results get posted online so if we want to see what is in a medication we can see if ingredient 541 (example) is in it.

From what I saw modifinal and provigil are exactly the same. I think one uses a different binding agent (can't be sure) but that doesn't effect the main ingredients. I think in the US it is a matter of big bucks to have the brand name so I often see that meds that are the same are said to be so different.

Our govt buys medications on bulk and in NZ we have Modivigil. We are waiting for the generic version of Xyrem to come out and then NZ will buy that.


 I was on brand name Provigil many years ago, and I now take modafinil, Modalert from NeoModafinil. There was a big gap in the middle where I didn't take any stims, so I can't be 100% sure, but from what I remember of Provigil, I'd say Modalert works the same for me. I'm not sure if Modvigil or Modafresh works the same way but Modalert rocks.


Provigil worked better then Modvigil for me.. modafinil seemed to give me headaches, I tried nuvigil which is supposed to be an upgrade, and I was an emotional wreck. But Provigil costs a lot more then modvigil, at least that's what the insurance company says


A generic version of a brand pill is the same thing just without the brand name or price.


A lot of the time, the inactive ingredients or tablet coating will be different with generics That can cause the drug to be absorbed more quickly or even more slowly than brand, and the you may have a reaction to some of the inactive ingredients. For example, I'm mildly allergic to blue food dye.

I can take the generic orange adderall tablets (20, 30mg) with no issues, but the blue ones (10mg) send me into brain fog land, make me even sleepier, set off allergy symptoms, with stomach issues until everything passes out of me including my dose of stimulant. 

Generics are fine to trial after seeing if the brand works for you....but many doctors don't realize the importance of trying brand first.


You can definitely have different responses to different generics, it happens to me a lot. Despite what many say, all generics are not the same and all generics are not like the brand


Modvigil and Modafresh didn't do much for me. I was taking 200mg 2x/day. I've  switched me to Modalert a few weeks ago. That and my diet change has helped me a lot.


Have been on Modalert 9 years. Love it! 200mg twice a day. I was instructed to take the doses 4 hours apart but I stretch it to 5hours on days I'm at work. So at 7am and 12pm. Never heared of Modvigil or Modafresh.


Modalert from SunModalert works the best for me! I've had no side effects like amphetamines do. I've been off and on it since 2000. ( off- not because of med. problems but u used to have to jump thru hoops to get it and there was a time before now where the price was outrageous but a class action suit stopped that). Modafresh and Modvigil looks less effective.


 I had hard headache with Modalert and couldn't sleep at night because it have a long half-value period. Modvigil works better. But I only take it for driving...all this stuff gives me headache

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