Any strategy to avoid Ritalin addiction?
You should taper off of it. Then, only take it on non consecutive days. Keep an eye on your tolerance. If it's going up too fast, it probably means you should cut back on how frequently you use it. Memantine can help reverse stimulant tolerance if you want to speed up the process.
Most people that use it medically dont get addicted to it... At least I have this idea.
Dont do it on the week ends. Or if you have to take it on weekend, at least take breaks of it that week.
I dont know if this makes much sense, but i think the sustained releases are less addictive.
Avoid it from the get go, not as hazardous as benzos but still a notably dangerous substance which can cause psychosis in numerous individuals. Plus dopaminergic neurons are often the first ones to die off to boot
Don't take it, I was on it and went to jail and was abruptly forced to stop. For about a month I couldn't get through a single paragraph in a book without my mind wandering, but I kept forcing myself to read and when my mind would wander go back to it and re-read where I left off and in time I found my focus good without Ritalin and haven't used it or needed it since. So my advice is set apart some time for recovery and then just stop and apply some self discipline.

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