Adderall  for studying, Modafinil for taking a test.
Don't have enough Ritalin to take the next three days in a row.
Please shoot me your answer and why in the comment section below. Thanks :-)
I seriously don't see how people can use modafinil to study. It's simply a wakefulness agent.. it holds me awake.. First time I took I definitely felt an effect (200mg) with a slighty better mood and more awake, but I was never really focused or anything.. If you need a proper study supplement, go with ritalin or a PROPER stimulant.. Or just do caffiene + l-theanine / coffee..
fluromodafinil is actually patented as a adhd aid in france under the name lauflamide.
I personally like the rush from ritalin or some other stim with my moda since I cant really feel the difference from the moda. It does work though with the staying up bit.
Modafinil? For ADHD? Possible.. I dont have ADHD but for study med.. Modafinil is way too hyped for that legit
I've been taking mod and Ritalin too. I have adhd so Ritalin makes me very tired, mod is good to keep me awake, Ritalin for studying. Still always so tired though, I've got armodafinil, Ritalin, modafinil, crl. I also stack it with Memantine and rasagiline (read on reddit). Just cant seem to treat my adhd and fatigue though no matter what. Sometimes mod will work and I'm like holt a hit I'm not tired, then other days I take it and I feel like I took an opiate and nodding out. Weird shit.
You can't treat ADHD/Mental disorders, only treat the side effects, I got a friend with ADD and we agree it's not curable, only treating the side effects. Bromantane is good, but remember to cycle everything and don't take stuff daily.. Ritalin is good, adderal too, but only short term I think
OK so.I'm not sure if I'm getting the question correctly but I took mod and ret. 200 mg of mod and 10 mg of ret. If I had to choose which one is better for what I'd definitely say Mod for Studying and Ret for the test. My problem with test taking is sitting still. And I have trouble absorbing info. Especially if I'm reading it. Mod I think is best for that. I've never had the other one

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