Am I the only one who becomes heavily sedated when taking low doses of piracetam(350-550mgs a day?)
Perhaps choline supplementation will help you. Here's my hypothesis. Piracetam causes the brain to go into overdrive a bit, but in this heightened state it's demands are much higher as well. You naturally compensate by sleeping a lot more but with perhaps a caloric surplus and choline supplementation (alpha gpc is my favourite) I think you shouldn't have the problem.
When I started, initially I took 1200mg choline with 300mg alpha gpc but had to eventually cut down to 600mg per day otherwise I'd get racing thoughts and the negatives would outweigh the positives.
By itself piracetam worked best for me at around 4800mg/day, now with 5mg of fasoracetam, 1600mg seems to be a good dose. Also take 300mg of citicholine in the morning.

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