Semax - NA Semax - NA Semax Amidate
Does anyone have any information regarding the difference in the three and what and expected difference in effect could be?
First cycle I got standard semax powder and made a nasal spray. 1mg doses in the morning, definite increase in focus and some potentiation of caffeine and Kratom.
Second cycle was NA Semax made into nasal spray. Doses at 200mcg, 400mcg or 600mcg didn't do much, a slight effect in clarity and focus but nothing close to regular semax. A second dose a few hours later of 200mcg - 400mcg for a total of 600mcg - 1mg barely had any notable effect.
From what I've read the NA version should be 5-10x more potent and less needed, that hasn't been my experience so I'd like to see what others thoughts are before I decide to try a third cycle or not. I have also yet to try the NA Amidate version.
I did both Srmax and Selank amidates, got good results at 1 mg 3 times a day....But did it by injection, subq. My brain was and my HPA axis was destroyed due to quitting H and other street hard shit. I was constantly exhausted and it gave some life to my constant fatigue. Wrote reddit review
Bioavailability seems to be the main difference
It's generally believed that acetylation of some nootropics increases their bioavailibilty or alters their ability to cross the blood brain barrier. It's still not really well known tho and the effects differ on the individual. Theorethically speaking the one with the added n-acetyl group should be more stimulating then the regular one same goes for the amidate one. I found this to be true but like I said there are some individuals that react better on the regular one than the others.
The amidate seems to negate some of the overstimulation of the n acetyl semax and has nootrpic properties of its own ... From Paul himself

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