If I didn't sleep at alllll last night is it a bad idea to skip my dose of vyvanse today to catch up on sleep? Anyone do this before and then start fresh again tomorrow?
Keep in mind the half life of Vyvanse is something like 14 hours which is why it was generally meant to be an 1-a-day pill. In my own experience don't skip it unless you have a good day to lay around and not think. I've had better success taking a Vyvanse and then taking two naps than just skipping it. I generally just take it when I'm not able or not sure if I can get all of my naps in. For example I have taken it every day for two weeks now since I had to travel for work. Once I got back home I stopped and the next 2 days were ROUGH, but it was a long weekend so I could laze around and get my naps in. I felt better but decided to take one this morning because I'm still not back to my normal routine. Historically speaking, if I get my two naps today and get to bed at a normal time, I won't need Vyvanse tomorrow.
A lot of people take "Med holidays" Iv been trying to because my sleep has been terrible since the clock change but the problem is if I don't take it I'll never get up get my son ready for school! I need some sort of babysitter who comes over at 7am and brings my son to school everyday lol

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