Anyone supplementing with soy or sunflower lecithin? It contains choline, what are the benefits of choline?
Indeed, Lecithin is highly bioavailable. Stick with Sunflower Lecithin though, Soy will deplete testosterone and provide you with plenty of phyto estrogen. Maybe that's the problem with America? Monsanto's GMO SOY is in everything. Not enough men around here anymore...
Lecithin is not the best source for choline as everybody should already know. In fact you could call it one of the worst sources. Cdp-choline or Alpha-GPC are both much more bio available. Don't listen to the gmo scare tale either. Basically conspiracy thinkers with no real knowledge on gene editing or it's impacts. Everyday again im shocked to read such pseudoscientific nonsense in this group.
It's true that there are some independent studies which claim strong links between soy consumption and reduced testosterone but larger clinical analyses have found no link at all. Also, the amount of soy used in the studies is stupendously large. You would have to eat kgs a day to achieve the same results. So warning someone not to use soy lecithin which is a couple of grams max is blatantly stupid.

So to recap. No, lecithin is not highly bioavailable or the best source of choline. And no you don't have to watch out for "Monsanto GMO Soy" or any other form of soy for that matter.
Yes I'm taking 3-4 non-GMO declared soy Lecithin capsules most days.

The benefits of choline are that it supports the operation of short term memory - long term memory is virtually a 'given' unless a person has dementia (which research has shown stems from a deficiency in niacin/vitamin B3 which supplementing with can also help ward off dementia). Choline is important for supporting short term memory.

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