SSRI's vs. Bromantane. So I've heard a lot of hatin' on prescription SSRI's on this group. And I'm generally curious, what is so bad about a prescription SSRI like Paxil for instance, vs a "nootropic" like Bromantane which also is a seratonin reuptake inhibitor. SSRI's get hate from vet's here (whom I highly respect) and RC's get love. Curious to know what's the difference in good vs. bad here. Is it just the "evil pharm" meme?
It's different than prozac or paxil.

Actoprotectors are preparations that enhance body stability against physical loads without increasing oxygen consumption or heat production. Or, in short, actoprotectors are synthetic adaptogens with a significant capacity to improve physical performance. This paper explores the history of actoprotectors’development, their pharmacological properties, mechanism of action, and practical application to the improvement of mental and physical performance. A brief summary of the clinico-pharmacological characteristics of the main representatives of this class (bemitil and bromantane) is provided. Some other synthesized compounds, and even natural ones such as ginseng, also are regarded as potential actoprotectors, and these are treated herein as well. Actoprotectors, owing to their wide-ranging pharmacological activities, high efficiency and safety, can be applied under either normal or extreme conditions, see reddit.

It seems to be more an adaptogen/actoprotector than a nootropic:


Morozov and Ivanova supposed that benzoylaminoadamantanes, adamantane derivatives of para-chlorophenoxyacetic acid, and other structurally close compounds increase the resistance of the human body with respect to extreme environmental factors rather than act as direct stimulants of the physical working capacity under normal conditions. Nonetheless, several compounds, including N-(2-adamantyl)-N-(para-bromophenyl)-amine (bromantane) (Fig. 1B) and N-(2-adamantyl)-N-(para-chlorobenzoyl) amine (ADK-910, chlodantane) (Fig. 6A), can increase physical performance; accordingly, in the literature, they are regarded as actoprotectors


"According to the data I have on bromantan it:
a) increases release of dopamine to the synapse
b) inhibits DA reuptake & inhibits expression of GABA transporter GAT-3 gene. Gaba reuptake inhibition.
It increases GABA amount in synapse and GABA-benzodiazepine-chloride complex affinity.
c) upregulates tyrosine hydroxylase level - enzyme which converts tyrosine to l-dopa and is limiting factor for dopamine synthesis

So, of course you may get effects described in this topic:
1) No increase in energy and activity - thats NE problem, not for DA.
2) If you have enough DA then it won't make you better. PFC activity correlates with DA in inversed U manner. So too much DA is not always good.
3) Effect disappearing on frequent use. Like all the stuff which locks DA in synapse and induces its release. You need to give some time for receptor to restore and remove DA form synaptic cleft.
4) It upregulates TH mRNA activity and that is good for increasing the DA production level in the cell. But I don't think you should expect this upregulation on such a basic level after just one or two recreational uses."
I've seen many more horror stories about bad paxil side effects, However, I do not think doctors prescribe bromantane for depression.

Here is a quote that sums it up I think:

"I think our current understanding of how the brain functions is very infantile, like i mentioned on another thread, so we come out with crude ways of treating these so called disorders and most cause side effects, some more severe than others. There are always multiple solutions to a problem and I think this is just another method of treating anxiety/depression. We don't really understand what is causing these symptoms in the first place, there is likely a chemical reaction in the brain that's responsible.

The way the current medications work is instead of targeting depression, they often pretty much get rid of ALL feeling, so you walk around like a zombie. Sure, you're not depressed anymore but you're also not happy, you gain weight, you get limp, etc etc... It's sort of like an antibiotic treatment which should be the last resort because it destroys the bad guys, sure, but also all the good guys, like dropping napalm on a village that the terrorists are hiding in, and killing all the civilians along with them."


There are also other side effects and withdrawals. In my experience I've noticed a much better anti depressant effect from substances that boost NA and Dopamine rather than targeting serotonin. If paxil works for you then go for it.
Hmm looks like this one is in the uk
nice comment on Moclobemide;
No significant rise in blood pressure occurs when moclobemide is combined with amines such as tyramine containing foods or pressor amine drugs, unlike the older non-selective irreversible MAOIs which cause a severe rise in blood pressure with such combination.[9] Due to the lack of anticholinergic, cardiovascular, cognitive and psychomotor impairments moclobemide is advantageous in the elderly as well as those with cardiovascular disease.
No problem with tyramine and so little damage to the body.
Peganum Harmalla and a thousand other plants also contains such a RIMA that is also naturally produced in your pineal gland.
Ive seen it in sesame seeds and peanut butter too.
SSRIs are not the popular choice because of effectiveness. They are lower death risk than more effective and still low risk antidepressants. Depression is a problem we don't understand but treat with drugs anyway, which is a mistake.
SSRIs are not the popular choice because of effectiveness. They are lower death risk than more effective and still low risk antidepressants. Depression is a problem we don't understand but treat with drugs anyway, which is a mistake.
After 25 years of having very few truly new depression drugs, there may be newer ones on the horizon based around bdnf enhancement and hippocampal regrowth after stress-cortisol-hpa axis dysregulation, also things that play with nmda/glutamate, and so on. Light therapy, magnetic and electrical brain stimulation. It's still a black box mystery but advances are slowly being made even though funding is nothing like it is for cancer, heart disease etc despite its huge toll.

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