So my narcolepsy has not been properly treated since I lost my job and insurance three and a half years ago. I have been using ADHD meds to compensate but I cannot ever get up in the morning. I will sleep 12-14 hours more at a stretch. I was out of meds and desperate so a friend gave me samples of Strattera. The day after I took the first dose, I got up at 8am and woke early on the following days. It seemed to cure my waking problems. Downside is, it just isn't strong enough to treat my ADHD. I can focus better on it but not where I really need to be. Other problem is wikipedia tells me you shouldn't take it if you are on Wellbutrin which I am. So I need an additional stimulant. I've currently got an rx for Focalin XR that I am desperately trying to get insurance to cover along with one for generic adderall to take later in the day as needed. My Dr is a shrink who specializes in ADHD. I really don't know what to do here. I need to be able to get up in the morning. Does anyone have experience with any other meds that work like strattera and are a stronger stimulant? I know strattera isn't actually one.
Before I got my Narcolepsy diagnosis I had my family doc give me Phentermine 37.5 mg, a good alternative to Strattera to help me stay awake through the day. Worked pretty well and is only $20 cash at pharmacy for 30 days. Since it's a weight loss drug you probably can't get unless you are carrying some extra weight though.
Vyvanse 60 mg works for me because focalin was not strong enough for me. Just shows you how ADHD we are. Any one who is not would be up for days. Try to get xyrem, it is good Strattera alternative, they have programs to help with expense if you don't have insurance. Something like 38.00 and the rest of the cost they It is dangerous for you and others not to take itcompany eats. Xtyrem is the only medicine for narcolepsy. It was made for Narcolepsy.
When my insurance didn't approve my modafinil/provigil prescription, I ordered online Adrafinil, 30pills 300mg. Once taken your body turns it into modafinil. It kicks in about 30 to 45 min for me, and it feels just like modafinil. I took one in the morning and one at noon. It cost $25 or $30 per bottle & it's consider a supplement, like vitamins, so it's legal to buy online. Read about it. It's a pretty good alternative. Modafinil is made from Adrafinil. Let's not forget that nuvigil is the mirror image of the modafinil formula, it might as well has Adrafinil in it, but I don't know that.
My hubby takes Adrafinil for add, he hates Adderall and Strattera . He says he feels it in 20 min and he only needs one pill a day. To me, 600mg of Adrafinil feels like 400mg of modafinil. But it's diferent for everyone.

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