I've been combining in the last months Strattera (50 mg) and Moclobemide (150 mg). Strattera has been a great help for my ADD while Moclobemide helped a lot with motivation, alertness and sociability.
My psychiatrist ordered me not to take the combination being life threatening. Is there anyone else doing the combination? Can I somehow adjust the dosis to make it less dangerous? If not, is there any other drug type with a similar mechanism of action that is safer to take with Strattera? Thank you!
Why would you proceed against the advice of your psychiatrist? That is not a good idea.

That suggestion is even common sense and not hard to understand if you read up a bit on how they both work.

If you have to choose between them, then keep the Moclobemide because no ADHD stimulant will help social anxiety at all, if anything it would only make it worse potentially (not guaranteed though).

I am strongly against stims for treating ADHD; personal experience.

ADHD also does not exist according to the same person who created the diagnostic criteria for it, which although not a book closer, definitively, certainly raises some questions: what do people previously diagnosed with ADHD have instead?
The advice comes from ignorance in most cases of medical professionals, not to say it's 100% safe. Buy a blood pressure cuff and keep tabs on what your body is doing. Generally speaking, dosage of any stimulant should be reduced drastically. I'm no doctor
I ve been using moclobemide + Selegiline + tianeptine + memantine.it killed my long term.depression/adhd/ocd/lack libido/chronic pain.
This combo looks danger in the paper but its dose related.we are using low dose of each one to make the "perfect" sinergy.your combo looks risky aswell but as à matter of fact its not by your own experiênce
I didn't have the intention to discuss whether ADHD exists or not. The Fact of the matter is, both medications help me in a different way, but if I had to choose I would go for the Strattera. With the Strattera I can function normally which in my case is a prerequisite to enjoying the benefits of Moclobemide.
Stephen Hartley, mao-a inhibition increases norepinephrine and Strattera as an NRI increases it also.
The literature on strattera mentions moclobemide by name in the drug-drug interactions section. You shouldn't take them withing 2 weeks of each other, let alone at the same time. That can cause a full break from reality.
You'll most likely be fine, but I strongly recommend dropping the Strattera. Moclobemide will do the job perfectly once your Adrenoceptors upregulate. MAOI interactions are greatly over-exaggerated for Moclobemide, but less so for irreversible mao-a inhibitors. You most certainly will not have a ''full break from reality'' . In the very worst case your blood pressure and heart rate will be high, even more rarely to a dangerous or directly life threatening level

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