Anyone experience sulbutiamine?
I love sulbutiamine . I take it in 200mg increments, and it significantly improves my ADHD symptoms. If I take more than 200mg, I can get a bit irritated though.
It was really weird. I took sulbutiamine for a week straight, and experienced the best mood lifting anything has ever given me. Then if I missed a dose I'd get the worst crushing feeling I have ever felt. Not fun, but you may find something different.
Only bad experience I had with all noots was with this. It gave me severe anxiety. Never thought that I should try to duplicate the experience.
Gave me depression IIRC.
Alone, I didn't notice anything...... But that is something I noticed after a couple days of sulbutiamine usage. Can't remember what type of usage though.....
All I know is that it's in the back of my stash and I don't touch it anymore
I took the rec dosage for a week I think and it was pretty great on its own and with racetams, I felt like work was easier and my job keeps me moving all day so I was sweating too and it also suppressed appitite. I found sulbutiamine to work like a racetam
I tryied 200-400 mg of sulbutiamine per day for two weeks. It will give you a lot of energy and if you drive a lot this would be useful, the problem is that tolerance comes very quickly and also you may feel a irritable.... a plus it's the increase on libido
I tried sulbutiamine today. I took 400mg around noon and another 400mg around 7pm. It works great but I noticed a feeling of it depleting something, along with a headache. This is similar to what has happened to me when taking piracetam without choline.
Haven't noticed anything by sulbutiamine ... Except some depression for a couple days.
But (I think.....) It works well when taken with NALT and aniracetam..... Mood became absolutely great
Decent boost of energy and very mild cognitive benefits. Stack it with Centrophenoxine for a good, cheap boost in the morning
Suprisingly terrible experiences. Both times had very low dose to start and it made me everything the opposite of what the literature says.
I bought from PowderCity
I take sulbutiamine occasionally, between 200 and 400mg. It's certainly a noticeable effect, good energy boost and mood improvement. Social 'lubricant' so to speak. I would recommend it, as Travis said, it's good to cycle on and off to avoid tolerance.
I was using Sulbutiamine when I had chronic fatigue (from Lyme disease) just a few years ago. I think it helped me maintain good mood & energy especially during winters. The effects were very subtle. I later gave it up because I got similar but much better results from Phenylpiracetam & Aniracetam combo.
I took it at slightly higher doses and felt like a strong coffee. When I paired it with phenylpiracetam on days I didn't have enough sleep it made me feel like I had enough sleep. Sometimes if you take low dose sulbutamine like all nootropics the effects as so subtle they night as well be placebo.
Been up since about 6 a.m.(it's 8:40pm as I write this) this running around doing a ton of stuff. I was feeling a little bit tired 10 minutes or so ago and I have a social event to attend in about 1 hour. I only plan on being there for an hour so, but 200 milligrams of sulbutiamine seems to have faded my physical fatigue noticeably. It has also lifted up some of the mental tired if I had.
The consensus is it stops working after a couple of days, but all those who dare not succumb to the conformation of the naïve status quo and venture into lands known to a few courageous, find that there is actually another set of effects for Sulbutiamine that kicks in after a week.
That's all.
If anything it increases anxiety for me. Though I see it as a stimulant, which can help anxiety in that it can make you feel more confident, but at the same time can cause anxiety depending on your own brain chemistry and situation
I bought some sulbutiamine not sure what I felt defo felt more relaxed. i then read a review saying it's great for studying and taking in lots of information, but really messes with your ability to take on instructions and carry out the related physical tasks. I took some while teaching a class and felt like my brain stalled I couldn't quite process what people were saying and respond to them with anything. This may have been due to what I read sitting in my subconscious and playing out????
I've taken it and did not notice anything so dramatic. It just helps with mental fatigue. Of course, "results may vary." And also, placebo/nocebo effects for everything are very real.
I find it to be quite stimulating at doses higher than 300mg of sulbutiamine , done 600 a few times and it amplifies the effects of stimulants almost too much, but I am easily overstimulated. Other people feel nothing until they get over 600mg, but that is the max dosage used in studies so I wouldnt do that very often.
I feel amazing but only cost to 600mg doses and can't take it but every 3 days because otherwise tolerance build for me.Usually only take twice a week honestly.
Motivation. Sulbutiamine gets me started and keeps me going. Nothing else seems to do it. Whenever I really have to get shit done it's invaluable. At 200mg it's a but subtle. I realize it's working well after its started. Took 400 once and got reaaaally motivated
I use Sulbutiamine sporadically and like it for motivation and energy. I believe it has liver enzyme implications so taking on a regular basis is not recommended. I also recall reading that you should expect some withdrawal symptoms if taken for more than a week of consecutive days use, haven't experienced that myself but I haven't tried more than two consecutive days either. All that said I do use and enjoy but I cycle between phenylpiracetam, uridine and armodafinil as well. I would also recommend liver support with a base of milk thistle to reduce enzyme buildup and strengthen your liver.
So I decided to give Sulbutiamine another go, gave up after a day on first attempt months ago as was sure it worsened anxiety! However I can't recall if I knew back then it was fat soluble. WELL... 4 days and sooo impressed! I no longer feel like I'm walking through treacle with no energy, my focus is better, anxiety almost gone and been so talkative & social! I was concerned my severe RLS would worsen with the dopamine down regulation but not at all (could be the ropinirole helping that). Just slightly concerned over the mixed opinions on tolerance now!
"Sulbutiamine tastes so bad you're ancestors will puke. It's like felating a xenomorph to completion. There are six basic tastes, sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami - which is the taste of savory, and sulbutiamine - which is the taste of Hell.... What I'm saying here is, even if you're used to dumping bulk powders on your tongue, don't do it with sulbutiamine. Once it's there, the taste doesn't wash away." is how one person described it
Like it. Nice energy from about 300 - 500 mg. Taste isn't so bad. Just need to man up and have something to chase it with after like mouth wash rinse or shot of moon shine then she's golden. Seriously though the after taste takes a bit to get rid off but its short lived and the effects are worth it. Don't be put off. Also comments here and on reddit, like it's not my favourite energy source full stop annoy me. If you have something else better then cupping suggest it already.
I need 600mg to get me going, it's like a couple of coffees but without the jitters. I wouldn't recommend using it daily though as it's easy to build up a tolerance
It's good. It provides a certain mental energy, provided other nutrients are not too deficient and not too sleep-deprived.
Tried Sulbutiamine yesterday. The effects are minimal, allertness & wakefulness. Do you know some mood enhancers? I think that is what I need. Some nootropics suggest subjective effects which is not verified. Cognitive enhancement is the result of experiences, conditioning, and creativity.
effective mood enhancer is is at the same time also a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. (for healthy people without depression) . (not know a lot about mood enhancers). zinc is a natural DRI
i currently on sulbutiamine along with oxiracetram and choline bitartrate. Noticed minimal changes so far, but hard to judge because this is my first stack. i do have more mental energy and my mood is enhanced
Ultimately all Sulbutiamine is, is a superior way of increasing thiamine in the brain. You can thank the Japanese for that development. Thiamine Pyrophosphate works well also taken sublingual
400 mg = Very focused, very angry, very anxious. I have reduced dosage to only one pill (200 mg). Seems to be good to me then. Focused without anxiety. (sorry for my bad english)
I doubt whether Sulbutiamine would ever create aggression, its not a drug, even people with Bipolar who take in excess of a gram is it likely to occur through the use of Sulburiamine. Sounds more psychological. Sulbutiamine is mainly of benefit to alcoholic, sexual dysfunction, chronic fatigue and combination with Donepzil for seniors.Chances are if you don't need it don't take it. One can always drop a tablet of Thiamine Pyrophosphate under the tongue in order to boost Thiamine levels
On my third bag. Great for my training (lifting, cardio, yoga). I feel like I am accessing another part of my brain. Lucid dreams and very clear and focused. I work in academia with jackasses and I need to be on top of my game.

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