Often used in the ancient Indian Medicine system Ayurveda, Bacopa Monnieri is a herb that has positive effects over the cognitive capabilities of humans, as well as acting as a great supplement to treat anxiety. Cognition-wise, Bacopa provides an increase in memory functions for both old and young people. 
Besides being a nootropic, Bacopa Monnieri is also an adaptogen, which unfortunately means that after taking it most people would feel completely unmotivated to do any kind of work afterwards. Live bacopa Monnieri reviews are available above. While in theory, one could combine this herb with a stimulant to create a complete experience, this hasn't been tested and there are no user reports to draw conclusions from.
When ingested, bacopa is interacting with both Dopamine and Serotonin systems, promptly increasing the neural information transmission. Through its action mechanism it enables brain cells to increase the growth of dendrites, enabling this increase of neural communication.
Avoid taking Bacopa without food, since it can cause a variety of negative effects if you ingest it while hungry.