CerebrolysinCreated in the hopes of treating head and stroke trauma, as well as Alzheimer's disease Cerebrolysin a very interesting drug. Considered a neuropeptide, it is able to increase congnition, memory and learning, while at the same time acting as a neuroprotector and slowing down the process of neurodegeneration. It works by actively
stimulating the brain and other organs to synthesize proteins as well as to facilitate the growth of new brain cells. 
Cerebrolysin has proven to be very effective in the treatment of many diseases that affect the cognition of humans. Among other things it successfully alleviates difficulty from conditions such as brain concussion, strokes, neurodegenerative brain disorders, post-operation trauma and even dementia. Quite impressive indeed. 

Cerebrolysin 10ml IM + modafinil stack

One time stack, after 5 following days with only 5ml per day Cerebrolysin IM in thigh, with avg sleep 8 hours ( normally 7 hours, it increased to me needed sleep time ). 10ml Cerebrolysin ( two times 5ml after ~3 hours, in 5 days cycle 30ml )

Cerebrolysin injections?

Anyone familiar with Cerebrolysin injections? I notice they come in glass vials and you need to get a syringe filter because of the glass. Anyone know what type of filter you need for this and where to get them? Thanks.