CholineCholine is a substance that is frequently used to synergize with other nootropics, since it enables the production of Acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is one of the few that gets depleted with regular use of nootropics and Choline is the perfect way to supplement it. 
Conviniently, Choline is often found in a stack together with Racetams in pre-packaged nootropic solutions. Using Choline by itself also provides a benefit for your brain as it increases the health of brain cell membranes, as well as provides an increase in memory as well as communicative behavior.

One of the most popular supplements that fit together with taking nootropics, choline is considered to be a macronutrient and the body has a lot of benefit from taking choline supplementation.
Among other things, choline positively effects the liver, brain, muscles and overall metabolism of the body. It supports the storage of energy and maintains brain development, as well as proper nerve functioning.

Commonly found as phosphatidycholine, Choline can be naturally found in many different foods that contain fats in them, as this compound is one of the building blocks on which the structure of fats relies on. Choline is a very important substance for the body, as many basic processes rely on it for the duration of the day.
Just like other important nutrients, Choline is water soluble and it plays an important role in metabolic processes, as well as it maintains the function of energy systems and the brain. It is closely related to the B vitamins, together with folic acid. 
As I've said above, Choline plays a very important role in the body. It is used to synthesize DNA for new cells, in the process of nerve-to-nerve communication and for detoxifying the body. One of the reasons that it's strongly suggested to take Choline supplements together with specific nootropics is because of the important role it has with acetylcholine, a fundamental neurotransmitter. Most nootropics achieve their results by utilizing acetylcholine, which results in a low amount of this neurotransmitter available for other basic processes. Supplementing with Choline is an easy way to mitigate any unwanted side-effects.
Generally not considered neither a mineral, nor a vitamin, Choline is known as an essential nutrient that supports the basic needs of the body, especially in regards to the proper functioning of the brain. There is absolutely no reason for any person not to supplement their body with additional Choline, either through food or supplement products.