PiracetamPiracetam was the first drug ever created that created results leading to the need to create a different word to describe it. Back in the 60s a couple of scientists in Belgium made the discovery of this substance and eventually got around to coining the term "nootropic".
It is one of the most popular drugs in the market for nootropics and for good reason as well. Piracetam user rewiws and experience go from feeling nothing at all, all the way to an exquisite release of creative energy that has been there all along. It seems that piracetam works differently for everybody, but the reality is that only our perception varies.
Piracetam is a derivative of the GABA transmitter and works to provide users with an increase in creativity, memory and motivation. Studies about piractam have been going on ever since it was first created and evidence supporting an increase in memory function is readily available. Surprisingly piracetam also shows beneficial increases of memory in young and healthy adults. 
It is highly recommended that piracetam is combined with choline (see customers reviews above), since it has a synergistic effect and minimizes the chance for negative side effects to occur. 
From all of the substances in the racetam family, piracetam is the weakest form, but do not be decieved, according to users Piracetam experience because this drug can provide you with the necessary cognitive enhancement.