Why is it recommended that Selegiline be taken with Moclobemide? Would Adrafinil, L-Phenylalanine, L-Tyrosine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, etc work as well? Also, is there be potential for addiction, side effects, or dietary restrictions at the recommended dosage?
Both Selegiline and Moclobemide work fine by themselves for different purposes, but they're synergic together which is probably why some people recommend it. Moclobemide inhibits cytochromes P450 so it makes everything stronger, including selegiline and even itself (probably why it get stronger the longer you take it, at least for a few weeks). Selegiline also inhibits enzymes from the P450 family.

Full MAO inhibition has a lot of benefits in terms of potentiating nootropics, that's just a little part of it. It treats a wide spectrum of psychiatric disorders, a healthier option to the classic SSRI's, SNRI's, tricyclic's etc.

Allegedly dietary restrictions is rather with oral selegiline method of administration. Most of us here take it intranasally. I don't know the answer in depth, hopefully someone else can fill in. The liver converts selegiline into the metabolite l-amphetamine. All your suggested supplements will be greatly potentiated, so be careful with dosages.

The potential for addiction is higher due to the fact that both Selegiline and Moclobemide so potentiated you'll get a real rush from them. The side effect potential is higher too, which is why you want to do lower dosages of everything before working your way up, which obviously is also more beneficial economically :)

Close to none of us here have dietary restrictions, I'm sure other people will comment on how they eat cheese so often, even very aged ones, drink alcohol occasionally, eat lots of turkey and protein in general with no issues of symptoms of a hypertensive crysis. I personally have a very high protein intake which a majority of it is from cheese
I read somewhere that Moclobemide shuts down dopamine production, resulting in Selegiline being required. Are you aware if this is true, or is Selegiline added in for another reason?

Also, where would I get intranasal Selegiline?
I ordered Moclobemide and tried various dosages (150mg, 300mg, and 600mg), but it seemed to have no effect. The only thing I experienced was burning and tightness all over my face.

to Jesper: Do you think the addition of Selegiline will result in a better outcome?

I originally became interested in Moclobemide, as genetic testing showed I have high levels of the MAO-A protein. I was surprised and annoyed when Moclobemide did nothing.
Finally, does selegiline also affect serotonin at such low dosages and would modafinil/adrafinil work in place of it?
That's very unfortunate it didn't work, especially if you already had low levels of MAO-A..

I think the thought is the serotonin agonists (vague term though) can cause dopamineric antagonism but I don't know if this is true. Selegiline & moclobemide work differently, MAO-A should effect all dopamine, serotonin & norepinephrine. MAO-B mostly dopamine & phenethylamine if I'm not mistaken. They would work synergic like I stated in the comment above.

You don't use liquid solution for the nasal adminsitration, you just crush the pill & snort it lol. Selegiline's bioavailability is like 4 % on empty stomach

They should build up in your system over time, but personally I get a bit used to the effects even though theoretically they get stronger. I felt like it was stronger anxiolyctic & focus wise the first times I took it, but overtime they became more antidepressant-like

Selegiline retains it's selecitivty for MAO-B at 10 mg (orally) but might change at higher dosages which is why it becomes more antidepressant. It's also a weak MAO-A reversible inhibitor
Try moclobemide + selegiline before adding things to it.
Selegiline will selectively increase dopamine irreversibly, moclo is about a 70/30 mao-a/b mix and reversible with a single dose, much more to 100/50 percent with full effect. A small dose of selegiline (take nasally or under the tongue) will then take care of the remainder of the maob enzymes and then pretty much everything you touch your super lightweight and in a great mood so it's a win win in every imaginable way. Unless you're into going stupid with stimulants or anything that raises serotonin through any mechanism you wind up happy, horney and the days seem so much brighter! :D
I don't limit in a dietary sense, but wouldn't consume more than 400-600mg of tyramine in one sitting which is actually a LOT!
Adrafanil is most likely okay just start with 1/8 to 1/4 your normal dose. Anything that causes a release of epinephrine or norepinephrine or dopamine of serotonin should only be used with miniscule doses until you see how strong it is with your "new normal."
Do NOT take it with yohimbe extract bark or any other form I cannot stress this enough.
If you're going to plan on playing with mao inhibition and combinations, I seriously recommend you to look through reddit drop at least 150 bucks on a good quality electronic upper arm blood pressure cuff.
I feel compelled to add that this is not a decision to be taken lightly. It can still have serious side effects which personally I avoid with self taught and "better knowledge in general" than most pharmacists as to the various factors to consider for combining substance inclusive of health of affected organs, pathways of elimination, direct and indirect pharmacological actions and possible mechanisms for interactions, in the end many are doing well even having done much less studying of pharmacology and biochemistry, just never be closed up to asking questions if you aren't sure. The risk of someone acting like you're stupid (which sucks on their part to act that way) is far less impactful than a bad combo of substance, for sure.
Noticed a few unanswered inquiries: addiction potential is slight physical (headache with rapid withdrawal, seems nobody rsports worse most just get vivid dreams) then psychologically, I wouldn't at all call it addictive. You get a real blast of a mood boost from maoi, but coming off it is more just a loss of those benefits some may call it psychological addiction but I never felt compelled to overdo anything or act stupid with it, I don't need to increase regularly for good efficacy and a three day taper protocol was good enough for me to not have a headache but just some off the wall cool dreams then sleep disturbance when I went off two weeks prior to my hernia repair.

Side effects: if you raise dopamine too much you'll probably turn into what others will think of as a pushy asshole.

If you're into taking random and unknown/questionable stuff that you can't be 100%.sure about, maoi is likely not.your favorable route right now (mentioned because I know how myself and many others come into the nootropics scene).

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