Opinions on tea vs. coffee vs. soda for caffeine please!
All of thee above. I drink coffee in the am, soda in the afternoon and herbal tea in the evening. I drink lots of water in between
I can't drink black tea in the am. I don't know why but it makes me vomit.
I drink coffee in the am... but recently discovered a green tea i like...
If i drink coffee after like 4 i will never sleep...
But i think soda is giving me cavities...or at least making them worse!
Daniel: Possible. I use to drink lots of soda when I worked on the mall. It was horrible for my teeth. I drink a little now and haven't had a cavity in a couple years. Is your mouth dry from meds? Do you use a straw?
Tiffany: I definitely get a dry mouth from the adderall plus breastfeeding. I drink water constantly. But i also chew ice which i know doesn't help! I use a straw for water but not soda usually because it makes it foam weird (i have strange texture issues!)
When I was struggling (before xyrem) I stuck with coffee and black teas. My thought was, if I'm drinking this much caffeine then I want it from a natural source. And coffee is best (for sure) as far as caffeine content. Cold brew coffee is also great because it's low acid (so less tummy issues).
I wouldn't recommend any of the above try going for an alternative to caffeine such as herbal remedies and vitamins, they work so much better and I don't know about yourself but caffeine ended up pilling the weight on me so it's better to avoid it x
I drink black coffee each morning and another cup around lunch or green tea if needed (okay, most of the time). No calories if taken without sugar and cream and in moderation can have benefits. I also like doterra peppermint oil rubbed on my neck or hands for when I need a little pick me up

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